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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Back in the days, I used to consider myself a poet. I even went to the extent of performing the poem below, before an audience of talented artistes at Jazzville, during the Open Mic of the Word n Sound programme organised by one Majek (can't remember his other name)and Beautiful Nubia. One notable talent that has continued her work in what she believes in from that place, is the rave of the moment ASA. Back then, just with her guitar, she blew our minds.

I had memorized the poem and learnt some gesticulations to follow. I even bought a new top and jeans for the night. I remember the top was red. My friend Pat accompained me there, and when I got on stage, I pretended not to see anyone, did my thing and left quickly, but the audience applauded sha.

Let us perform
Some simple ablutions.
In the act,
Let us pause,
And lock eyes.
Let us see
Our inner thoughts.
Let us realise
What we want.
We have grown
Beyond the age of derision.
We have seen
Beyond the eyes of a precognist.
Only we can determine
If forever we should be.
Let us gather
The dust of yesterday.
And hand in hand
Let us walk,
The stream towards.
Let us stand at the shores,
And the dust we sprinkle away
-As though the ashes
Of the corpse
Of a bad man-
Our bad memories,
Let it flow down the stream.
Let us perform
Some simple ablutions.
To welcome reconciliation.
You and I,
We fit together.
I could love you again,
I know I can.
And before that day comes,
We have to wash the dirt
Of yesterday.
Wash and wash.
But, a simple ablution?
I don’t see you and I
Performing it together.

(c)UZEZI EKERE. 11th FEBRUARY. 2003.


  1. Zezi zezi, Luvly poem, but i am sure you would probably say there was no reason for the poem, it just came out abi. Ok o

  2. Not a bad poem.
    so what did you win??

  3. Wow, that's a beautiful piece, zayzee.

    Thanks for the book recommendation.

  4. awhhh....I read this n I suddenly calm,retrace into my shell n think....uzezi,frm all d stuffs I heard at triangle n this post I must say u are determined n have got vision.....u have paid ur dues so I aint gonna b shock if I see ur magazine in canada!....keep ur head up chic,keep ur head up!

  5. @ sprezatura - thanks u. and did it just come out? I go think well

    @ Aphrodite - win ke? it wasn't a talent hunt oh. just music and poetry

    @ goodnaijagirl- thanks

    @ wellsbaba - yeeeeeeeeeeee! my head is expanding!

  6. Wonderful poem! I hope you keep your flow goin' over the coming weeks and months...

    peace, Villager

  7. nice peom.i just don't get poems but think poets are very creative.for that,i respect them.they gather words and do their thing.that was creative really.

  8. nice poem.i just don't get poems and can't imagine one talk less of write.i consider poets very creative.they know how to gather words and send a mmsg.thats why i respect them.

  9. i wanted to br first...who knows maybe am no10.
    nice poem..someone's got talent
    ur name is Ekere, i used to have this partial boo with that name...aww, he was a sweetie.

  10. @ Villager- thanks, i will try

    @ Doja- thanks

    @ shalewa- i respect them alot also

    @ soupasexy- how did u know u r no 10? what's the gist of that partial boo? i want gist oh!

  11. nice poem..do u still write and what's your muse?

  12. hey ms africa..how r u..nice poem btw :)

  13. wow i guessed right, am just psychic...hehehehe.
    so u want gist? like say if i give the gist u go even check me out..

  14. hmmn somebody can write poem oh...

  15. @ Bunmmy -i still write, but more fiction than poetry

    @ maverick - thanks

    @ soupasexy- u aint psychic sweetheart. cmon on wt the gist

    @ Charizard - yes o.

  16. it is actuallya very nice poem. i like

  17. Mee too I am standing here applauding.

    Bravo, Bravo, Bravo

    So are you continuing, bring more poems girl.

  18. @ naijalines- more on the way

    @ 30+ - can u see me bowing? thanx. i will post more

  19. I like the poem...you really poured youself into it

    i hope you havent stopped writing...sha