Friday, February 06, 2015

I started my business with N50, 000 – Agusto

Folayemi Agusto is the Chief Executive Officer of The Artisan Gift Company, an establishment that was registered in January 2014 to provide services to celebrants and event makers. As an entrepreneur, Agusto who was featured in the premier edition of GT Bank SME Market Hub ‘Merchant Monday’ programme, said her expectation when beginning her business is very different from the reality she has gotten. In this interview with UZEZI ADESITE, the graduate from University of Virginia, USA, discusses her business and issues in the event management industry.

Tell us about The Artisans Gift Company?
The Artisans Gift Company is a gift and favour business based in Lagos Nigeria. We sell a range of gifts and favours for all sorts of events like baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, birthday parties and also package corporate gifts.
Why did you set up this business?
I started this business because I am very into event management and planning. I have attended lots of events in Lagos over the years and I never liked the gifts that were given out. I have seen vegetable oil as gift, I have seen garri. My cousin received bleaching cream last year. I have seen so many buckets and trays; so many odd things that people might not really need at home. So I wanted to change this industry I guess and change the gifts that were given out to things that are more practical, more useful and functional.

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

How to start an event and catering business


Are you unemployed, browsing the web and looking for vacancy adverts with email alerts of new openings from Jobberman and co flooding your mail box on a daily basis? Or, maybe you have a job that pays your bills but you are restless because you want to be somewhere else, doing something else that gives you joy. Perhaps, you are a super working mother (wife, mother and career woman), hoping for a change that will offer you more stay at home time with your family.

What do you love doing and where lies your passion? Almost any hobby can be turned into a business once you identify those who have a need for such services. Some event or catering businesses were started out of passion of the owners, to help someone they know organize an event or handle the catering of an event.
Do you love cooking? Is making an event venue look beautiful your thing? Or have you been to some events and wished the planner had done this or that with the arrangement of the decoration?

Pattyclues Events and Decor

Perhaps, you have given starting a business in event management or catering a thought before but feel discouraged for reasons such as:

·        too many people already doing the business
      ·        no fund for startup
      ·        no idea of the needed skills and tools etc.

Well, two professionals are here to give us tips on these.