Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Teaching others make me work harder – Ani of Esperanza Cakes

Chika Eunice Ani is the CEO of Esperanza Cakes and Bakes, a business outfit that was established in 2009. Since then, the entrepreneur who first trained at Lavina Concept before proceeding for further training at the Cake Mastery Institute and PME, both in the UK, has grown and expanded her business into Osogbo and Enugu, with Port Harcourt and Abuja, soon to join her branches. In this interview with UZEZI ADESITE, she talks about her motivation, challenges and strategy for success. Excerpts:

What motivated you to setup your business?
I have always loved being creative. So after school, I decided to look for what to do on my own. I then decided to go for what gives me pleasure; doing it not for the money but the fulfillment I get in doing it. Today, we thank God, it’s a success story and it's now yielding profit.
Between 2009 and now, you have definitely come a long way. What types of challenges did you have to cope with?
Yes, it's been a long way.  Initially the challenge was about starting small. The competitions were major cake designers in big offices and all, and I am just starting from the house. Most clients will come and seeing I am still working from home will look down and underestimate what I can do; because I was still building my company name. The ones that will want me to do the job finally will price it so low because they believe I am still working from home. If they wanted the high priced cakes they can go to the already established cake houses to pick one. And having to compete with that was my major challenge then.