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My 7 Work From Home Success Tips

Uzezi Adesite
So I posted these tools a while back on my Instagram page @iamzayzee, and thought to share it here as well. A lot of people wished they worked from home and some do make that dream a reality. But working from home is actually not very easy because of the distractions and we tend to be less committed to tasks. Being successful as a work from home entrepreneur involves a lot of discipline. You must approach it the same you approach leaving home and going to an office.
For me, these 7 tips guides me.  
1.Establish your work space away from your bed and pillow. Unless the work requires a bed and pillow.
2.Determine your work hours. Don’t mix doing house chores with your office work. Resume for work, close from work.
3.Switch the TV off; don’t MUTE the volume. And if the cable expires, great; don’t renew right away. You will get much work done.
4.Break time is necessary. Stretch your legs if you sit long hours to work. Turn the radio on and have lunch. Don’t get tempted to watch on…

New Drive Magazine Is Out

It gives us great pleasure to introduce you to our ninth edition, themed ‘What Can I Do Differently’. The stories in this edition are carefully selected to make you think along our theme.
Our Cover Interview features Chioma Joy Peters, an event planner who understands the importance of turning her passion into a business and running it professionally.
How I Started My Business features a young publisher, who changed her unemployment status by using her talent to launch a media outfit.
Also, meet Hardy, extremely driven to succeed, an entrepreneur whose desires to change the reality around him motivated his works.
And our regular columns will get you nodding your head. New additions are: Your Money and Picked for You. As entrepreneurs, we desire to succeed and grow our resources, which is why Your Money will be our guide. Also, it is essential that we keep growing along with our businesses. Development is vital to growth and success. Thankfully there are lots of courses we can take at our …