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Hello, Has writing a book about your journey through life or the business world crossed your mind but you cannot find the right words...

About Zayzee Writes

We are the publishing arm of Zayzee Limited. We exist because of our love for publications. We exist to bring to writers a more comfortable and friendly option of publishing. We exist to end disappointment among the reading public.

Who we are interested in:
- The upcoming creative writer who
  • Is in search of a platform to launch his writing career
  • Needs editorial and publishing support
  • Wants to earn a living from writing
- The story owner who
  • Is a victim of one evil act or the other
  • Has a true life story to share with the public
  • Is a motivational speaker
  • Needs someone to package his/her story or message in details
- The accomplished who
  • Wants his/her achievement ghost written into an autobiography
- The publisher who
  • Needs editorial content for his/her publication
What we do
- For the writer:
·         Review manuscripts and assist writers to develop better storylines
·         Proofread/Edit manuscripts and get it ready for publishing
·         Educate writers on the different options of publishing available
·         Help writer build a followership on social media
·         Publish eBooks and Paperbacks on behalf of writers
·         Book promotion on social and traditional media
·         Search out suitable writing competitions for writers’ works
·         Review published books for media publication

- For the story owner:
·         Access your story/message
·         Write and package it into a book
·         Publish it as an eBook/Paperback
·         Book promotion

- For the accomplished:
·         We ghost write your story
·         Assist with publishing
·         Book publicity consultancy

- For the publisher
·         Gather editorial content suitable for your publication, including doing researches and interviews

·         Editing