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Drive Magazine

About Drive Magazine
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Drive is a free for download monthly e-magazine publication put together to celebrate the courage of the Nigerian entrepreneur to pursue their desires and achieve results.

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Despite the high rate of unemployment and disillusionment in the country, there are some who have refused to be caged down by the challenges of the society and the economy. These ones have dared to forge ahead with their lives and dreams, becoming a source of inspiration in the process.


Drive celebrates these achievers, bringing them closer to the youths who need one form of encouragement or the other.
Drive focuses not just on the achievement of the featured but also on the journey, the challenges and the drive to keep pressing forward.


Our Vision
Drive’s vision is to be the number one resource material for youth and entrepreneur motivation and empowerment in order to lead the electronic publishing market in Nigeria and Africa.
Our Mission
Drive’s mission is to encourage the youth to engage his/her capabilities towards success.
Our Objective
Our objective is to ensure every edition while guided by a theme youths and entrepreneurs can relate with, will offer content that can cause change in thinking and trigger action.
Our Strapline
Dare. Act. Succeed

December, 2017 edition (Growing)
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September, 2017 edition (What Can I Do Differently?)
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April, 2017 edition (New Beginnings)
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October, 2016 edition (Self-Discipline and Independence)
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August, 2016 edition (When Success Comes Edition)
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July, 2016 edition (Motivated By Fear Edition)
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June, 2016 edition (The Assassin Called Comfort Zone Edition)
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May, 2016 edition (Exploring Options Edition)
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April, 2016 edition (Embracing Challenges Edition)
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March, 2016 edition (Make a Move Edition)
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