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Been a long while I was here. Thanks guys for ur kind and encouraging words. I'm very good and have moved on. I should do blog round soon.

I Was Robbed

Sunday began as any other day. I went to church, from there to the salon and back to Abeokuta, just in time to watch the finals of MTN Project Fame.

Afterwards, FFF's neighbours from the next compound, who are my collegues at work, came over with another of my male colleague who came to visit and we were all gisting in my crib. I was in the kitchen cooking a native soup that my colleagues were waiting to taste. Besides, my male colleague was waiting for the rain to subside before going home.

One of my neighbours came to borrow my umbrella and said his friend, who was visiting will return it to me soon. It was 8pm.

Then someone knocked. Normally, I will ask from my window who it was before opening the main door. Better still, if I am alone, and there is light, which there was, my curtain will be down, and I wouldn't answer anyone who knocked, because we all have keys to either the front door or the back entrance, and when my curtain is down, you wouldn't know if I am in or no…