Uzezi Ekere Adesite

I am first and foremost a creative writer, before anything else. Writing has been a part of my life for almost two decades. I cannot today imagine a profession that wouldn’t engage my writing abilities.

Up until January 2015, I worked as a journalist, a profession that began in 2001. Beats I covered in journalism include art & entertainment, education, features etc.
Although I studied Mass Communications at the Lagos State Polytechnic, my best learning process has been on the job.
One of my greatest thrills in the industry was when I worked as an editorial executive at a publication that published magazines and novellas. I was in charge of reviewing and approving manuscripts that finally got published as novellas. That job and subsequent ones have adequately prepared me for today and what readers expect when they hold a book in their hands.
I love new experiences. I love experiencing new writers and new thoughts; always a breath of fresh air. Unfortunately, many writers meet various challenges that hinder them from accomplishing their writing dreams, and eventually, these dreams die away.
This is why Zayzee Writes has been birthed; for that writer to realise that dream. I have struggled through the frustrating process of trying to get published and getting nowhere; very discouraging. But along the way, I have learnt a few things that have shown alternative ways of arriving at that desired destination. And that, is why I am offering my services.
So, come join me and together, let us realise the dream.

You can connect with me on LinkedIn, Facebook as Uzezi Ekere Adesite and via Twitter @IamZayZee. I can be contacted via email: