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Hello, Has writing a book about your journey through life or the business world crossed your mind but you cannot find the right words...


Hi, I am Uzezi, a creative writer, ghostwriter, publisher and editor. Writing became my life at seventeen when my brother challenged me with a novella authored by a sixteen-year-old. When I eventually wrote my first complete story, everything science died within me; my dad's Medicine plan for me went out the window and I embraced being a creator of stories.

I have had years of experience to grow in my profession as a writer, still, I learn daily.

Up until January 2015, I worked as a journalist, a profession that began in 2001. In between, I had an opportunity to offer my services in a Non-Governmental Organisation for two years, before returning to journalism. Some of the beats I covered are real estate, art & entertainment, education, features, etc.

I love books. More than that, I love being in the pre-production stage of the bookmaking process from the start to the finish. Having that opportunity to look through a manuscript, see the potentials in it, and 'groom' it into a 'publishable material' gives me joy.

One of my most recent passions is offering my 'confidential' services as a ghostwriter to turn people's life stories, their experiences as well as their knowledge, into amazing non-fiction books that can affect lives positively.

www.zayzeewrites.com is my blog where I try to keep up with my thoughts and inform about Zayzee Limited's work.

Now that you know what I do, perhaps you or someone in your circle needs my services. Make the contact and let's launch a new book.