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Hello, Has writing a book about your journey through life or the business world crossed your mind but you cannot find the right words...

Uzezi Ekere Adesite

I am first and foremost a creative writer. Writing has been a part of my life for almost two decades. I cannot today imagine a profession that wouldn’t engage my writing abilities.

One of my greatest thrills in the industry was when I worked as an editorial executive at a publication that published magazines and novellas. I was in charge of reviewing and approving manuscripts for publication.

Up until January 2015, I worked as a journalist, a profession that began in 2001. Although I studied Mass Communications at the Lagos State Polytechnic, my best learning process has been on the job.

That job and subsequent ones prepared me for today. I love to get into people's head, see the story that is up there, and assist in bringing those stories to life. I love to work with new writers and wade through whatever writing challenges arise until the dream is realised.

And now, I am excited to go on this journey with you, to realise your dream. You can connect with me on LinkedIn, Facebook as Uzezi Ekere Adesite and via Twitter @IamZayZee. I can be contacted via email: zayzeeblog@gmail.com