Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Sweet Sixteen!

Nope! It is not my sixteenth birthday. It is actually our sixteenth edition (Drive Magazine) and the countdown to No. 20 has begun for real! Let me tell you what is special about edition No. 20 and why we are looking forward to it.

Edition No. 20 is going to mark the end of an era for us, ushering this amazing magazine into a new season and a new level with the 21st edition. So, we are excited because the journey is just about to begin.

Coming back to this sweet sixteen, it is perplexing to note that while we say our focus is entrepreneurship, fourteen out of our past fifteen editions have been covered by female entrepreneurs and just one, our third, was covered by a guy? Does that mean there are more women doing businesses in Nigeria than men? Though, that has been reported as a fact in Nigeria, it isn’t the reason why DRIVE has featured more women than men. We just have so many entrepreneurs to celebrate, we wish we could become a weekly publication.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

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Emeka Obasi Praises GOD in New Book That Tackles Menace of False Prophecies in Nigerian Churches

Prince Emeka Obasi is set to unveil and release his latest book on the rising menace of fake prophets and prophecies in many churches in Nigeria.

The over 300-page book is a true-life story of how GOD in His infinite mercy and power, delivered him from a mysterious illness and premature death in the wake of allegations and fake prophecies of occultism levelled against him by his brothers and sisters, in concert with the pastors of their churches.

Friday, June 22, 2018

5 Days Writing Challenge

Are you a business owner on social media? Come, Let's write!

Do you need to
- Overcome bad writing style?
- Get rid of ‘texting English’ and abbreviated words from your writing?
- Communicate perfectly with the right use of punctuation?
- Use correct ‘contractions’ in your writing?
- Use tenses and pronouns perfectly?

Then get on board! The goal is to clean up your written communication in English Language. Take no chances. How well you write matters!

Polish your writing skills to communicate effectively with your audience.

Bad writing, grammatical errors, poorly punctuated writing etc. can put off a lot of people. If you are a business owner who depends on using any form of writing to attract clients or to communicate with your audience, then you should ensure that everyone who reads your message reads it to the end and understands it. 

It is important that you learn to write well because good writing is an important aspect of communication. Apart from the fact that it communicates your message in clarity, it has the power to win you businesses even without meeting people one-on-one.

Take no chances! Click here to register!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Why You Should Have a Business Card

Yes we are in the digital age. More and more businesses are being transacted online. Networking, growing our connections, advertising etc. everything is happening on the internet. So why should an entrepreneur still care about getting business/call cards?

Well, despite all the advantages of the internet, a business card is still very important and no serious business person should leave the house without them. Actually, no matter who you are or your line of work, you do need to have a business card. Below are some good reasons why you should have a business card.

It promotes your brand
A business card is the first interaction someone will have with your brand. You definitely will want this to be a lasting impression. Handing out a good card shows the care, commitment and thought that goes into making your business card and presents you as a serious entrepreneur, who thinks of all the tools to employ for the growth of his/her business.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Mofolusade, an entrepreneur I admire

When Mofolusade Sonaike (@mofolusade) is standing in front of you and talking business, it is impossible not to listen. She wears quite a number of caps for the different businesses she is involved in. The path she has trolled to where she is today, is rich with experiences from which she shares lessons. Also known as the Mumpreneur, Mofolusade’s community of women entrepreneurs who support each other and grow together, is growing steadily.

At the Boost your Business with Facebook event, I didn’t know what to expect. First to arrive at the venue, I had two intentions. One, sock in everything from the training and two, interview the beautiful facilitator, Mofolusade, for Drive Magazine - two birds with a stone. The second intention had to be shelved to give me a good reason to visit her soon, because Mofolusade is more than a likeable person. She is a wealth of knowledge and experience every entrepreneur should hang out with. That aside, she has a persona that pulls you in to her. She has the right opening to crack through a wall of shyness and get you immediately comfortable in the midst of strangers.

Her passion for assisting women entrepreneurs is real. She is quick to act like a connector among women entrepreneurs. Once you have her in your circle, you can be sure that getting through to another business owner who is in Mofolusade’s circle, either for business or otherwise, is 90% done. 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Innovation: April Edition of Drive Magazine is Live!

It seems just like yesterday when we were screaming Happy New Year. But here we are in the fourth month of the year. Can you take out your goals for the year and honestly tell yourself the truth? By the end of 2018, are you sure you will achieve your 2018 goals? What roles did January, February and March have to play in the achievement of your goals? Did the past three months bring you your desires? If they didn’t, there is a possibility you wouldn’t be achieving all your goals for 2018.

But it doesn’t matter. You might not get it 100% but you can still get it above 50% if you really get into those plans right now. What this means is for you to tackle it differently to cross that finish line.
Innovation can be defined in many ways but it comes down to one thing, doing things in a different ways to achieve results as well as meeting needs. And that is what this edition is all about.

Our cover girl, Adele Dejak, is an inspiration whose business today is successful for the creation of jewelry and fashion accessories.