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Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Introducing Biblioaud!

We cannot imagine a society where people don’t read, but we live in a society that is constantly leaving us little time to read.

Because books are important for many reasons, we have created Biblioaud to help us read just by listening. 

Biblioaud is an audiobook platform where you can listen to Nigerian and African audiobooks. 

Authors now have another option to reach more readers by putting their audiobooks on Biblioaud.

Biblioaud will help eliminate that famous excuse people have, that lack of time is responsible for their poor reading habit.

All you have to do, is click play and listen to a book while doing other things. 

Click here and take a look for yourself. More titles are coming soon on Biblioaud.

Register today and start reading by listening.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Books, Sales and Distribution

Hey, come away with us and bury yourself in books, books, and more books!

Because we love books so much, we are going a step further than just helping the writer realise his or her dream of becoming published. One question our clients always ask is how to get their physical books to the readers. Previously, that was one service we didn't offer.

But now we do! 

We are now distributing and selling books. Though we are presently covering Lagos state, plans are on the way to take our sales and distribution nationwide. So, watch this space for book news and reviews, then with just one click, buy.

Click here to see the books that are currently available. We will deliver to your doorstep.

Friday, August 14, 2020

For The Love Of Me

 For The Love Of Me is a collection of narratives that aim to introduce the reader to, or present the reader with the word of God in a unique and novel way. Employing popular Bible stories, the fictional characters go on a journey of discovery, walking the reader through some fundamental life principles which, for some reason – either through design or omission – prevailing traditions, institutions, interpretation and responsible leaderships have prevented most of us from learning and appreciating.

For The Love Of Me also aims to show the immense love of God, and how soaking in that love – by cultivating personal relationships with Him – releases us to live lives that are full of fun, successes and productivity since the lessons we read in the Bible are in reality spoken to enable us to make the most of our world, talent and dreams, empowering us to serve in such a time as this, here and now, as we aspire for a dwelling with Him in eternity.

Get your Paperback copy or Kindle eBook here or Okadabooks version here. Don't forget to leave a review

Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Key Person Number Two

No. 33 
Her name is Frances.
Do you believe in coincidences? I prefer divine orchestration.  
The same school brought my brother and her cousin together. Before I met Frances, I had read her novel. My brother who brought the book, challenged me if I could write like her.

I read it, and I wrote. This time around, I didn’t tear up the story. It wasn’t an ending to a novel whose ending I wasn’t satisfied with. It was me, from the beginning. Since then, I haven’t stopped writing.

Either my first or second published Thrills and Booms novella – when I worked at Hints magazine back in the days – was dedicated to her.

I probably wouldn’t have been motivated to take my passion for writing seriously, if I hadn’t read Frances’ book when I did. She influenced something good in me. I pray with the little I do, I can influence something good in somebody, pushing them further down the path they belong, on their way to their destination.
Thank you, Frances.
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Monday, June 01, 2020

Key Person Number One

No. 34

It was my dad; God rest his soul. He pointed me in the direction my future will ultimately take without realising it.

He loved books. And at an early age, I too fell in love with books; story books especially. I was exposed to different kinds of books. Foreign story books, Nigerian story books, Pacesetters, African Writers series and some that I was warned not to read because they weren’t for children. Well, your guess is as good as mine.

If I read a novel and was unsatisfied with the conclusion, I took pen to paper to create my own conclusion. It was fun doing those. I would create an ending to my satisfaction, tear it up and trash it. I didn’t know those playful tasks were preparation. I thought nothing of them. Then, in my late teens, my path crossed with Key Player Number Two.  
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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Right People, Right Place

No. 36

Jentezen Franklin; I have probably come across his name or show many times which didn’t register until the one he taught about Right People, Right Place, Right Plan. I connected with the sermon. Meeting the Right People, by being in the Right Place has been my testimony. The Right Plan is continuous.

Crossing paths with the bag in my friend’s house, which eventually took me to her church, wasn’t a coincidence. He Knows!

I would eventually meet one of the Right People just by planting myself in this Right Place and the Right Plan finally began to form.

In my season of gratitude, I mustn’t fail to acknowledge these people who have been instrumental in getting me to where I am today. Without these relationships, I would have been on a different path.

I have learnt to just trust that His plans are perfect and whatever He sets to do, He accomplishes.

So, I am excited about the new Right Place, I’m been led to.

#40DaysChallenge #SupernaturalHelp #Guidance #Gratitude #Strength #NewLevel #PersonalDiary #ThisIsAllAboutMe #IAmZayzee