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Has writing a book about your journey through life (an autobiography) or the business world crossed your mind but you cannot find the right words or the time to dedicate to writing? 

My name is Uzezi and I love to write and put life into the words of others, as I express their thoughts and ideas in their voice.  

Beyond the words of my clients, I research other details related to them or their work and if necessary, add such to enrich whatever work I have been commissioned to do.
I would love to offer my services to you as a ghostwriter...
  • Telling your experience in the industry you find yourself and all that you have learnt; the dos and the don’ts or a ‘How To’ book
  • Challenging life events
  • Addressing whatever misconceptions people have about you
  • And others…

Beyond telling your story, documenting life’s events in a book outlives the writer and can become a resource for someone or many in another generation to come. Your book might be the closest someone who looks up to you can get to you. It might be the agent of change that somebody needs. And of course, another reason to write your story is that it is a business that will yield income.
How Do I Work? If my client already has a concept for the book, we explore that concept. If not, it is my job to build one.
How Fast Do I Deliver? I deliver a well-written, edited and ready-to-be-published manuscript between three to four months.
Why Work With Me
- Writing is my lifestyle and over the years I have gotten better at what I do. 
- I worked for 15 years as a journalist, covering different beats. 
- I have ghostwritten autobiographies; memoirs; specialised books on entrepreneurship, religion, health, motivation as well as fiction. 
- I have also edited several manuscripts. 
- My ghostwriting services are confidential – I sign a non-disclosure agreement with all my clients and do not share their works or discuss it outside my work team. I have no claims to the client’s book.
- I am patient and can get along with anybody to do the job at hand. 
- I do not infuse myself or my beliefs into my client’s work. 
- I write to retain the client’s voice and personality. 
- I work within a projected timeframe and keep to deadlines. 
- I deliver a professionally written and error-free manuscript.

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