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 A Coached-to-Write Service

When I started writing in 1997, it wasn’t because I had planned or dreamt of someday becoming a writer. It was because I was challenged by the fact that a sixteen-year-old wrote a novel. I said if she could, I can. More than twenty years later, it's been an interesting writing journey.

There’s a story in you that’s waiting to be told. It might be a lived experience, a topical issue or born out of your imagination. No matter the story you choose to tell, it has a message to deliver.

I can coach you to write by:

ü  Identifying your stories

ü  Building your writing process

ü  Get you writing immediately

ü  Setting and achieving small daily and weekly writing targets

ü  Completing your manuscript within 2 months

ü  Choosing the right title

What You’ll Need

ü  A laptop

ü  Internet access

ü  A minimum of 2 hours set aside each weekday to write

What We’ll Do

ü  One on One live session to test your process (once a week)

ü  Set daily and weekly targets

ü  Weekly evaluation of targets met

Additional Benefits

ü  Free editorial services once your manuscript is written

ü  Free book formatting services to prepare your manuscript for publishing

ü  Free ISBN

ü  Publishing your eBook and Amazon print copy

ü  Opportunity to produce the audio version of your book

ü  Free manuscript assessment for a subsequent book within a year of completing the workshop

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About My Work

I am a creative writer, ghostwriter, editor and publisher. Over the past two decades, what began as a hobby was sharpened into skills in the writing and publishing field, which prepared me for the work I currently do.

Within the last seven years, I have ghostwritten 19 books and edited numerous. 

My process will definitely help you put your ideas together and start writing.

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