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Life Is Shutter Than You Think (Book Review)

Book Title: Life is Shutter Than You Think
Author: Mosopefoluwa Onanusi
Publisher: Zayzee Limited
Year of Publication: 2022
ISBN: 978-978-790-017-8
Reviewer: Uzezi Adesite


The whole essence of Life is Shutter Than You Think is to motivate the reader to follow his or her heart and pursue dreams. But there is a difference here because Mosope shows us that you do not put the cart before the horse. You do not say you have a passion for something and are unwilling to take any step to live in it and experience it, yet you expect the harvest that comes with it. You follow your heart but in doing so, you use your head.

In the very first chapter, Going From the Known to the Unknown, we were made to understand that the writer had a trainer and she was a student learning the basics. She wasn’t following her dream blindly or calling herself a professional photographer just because she liked how it sounded. The parlance we have all come to know today as fake it till you make it. This wasn’t the script she presented. She was training to be better and developing a skill she was passionate about and while the fire was burning hot she decided to embrace it because fuel gives us the necessary speed and courage to move when we decide to leave our comfort zones and no amount of brakes applied is able to stop someone that has tasted a bit of what he or she has been dreaming about.

Having experienced a bit of the life she had a passion for and had decided to move towards, it is no wonder that her bosses in the organization she used to work in felt she was making a mistake. She was throwing away a job she was well equipped for, exchanging it for something there was a guarantee about. And this is the intrigue of this book.

While the writer did not take the reader on a step-by-step description or record of how she did it from the day she left her job to where she is today, she gave a glimpse into her world, turning the spotlight on the different areas of her life that make her who she is, but most importantly, the role that being a photographer plays in all of this.

We can also say that her story going by this book is a journal of the life of an entrepreneur, the good, the bad and the ugly, but most importantly the lessons gathered and how they contributed to building that needed credibility based on her consistency and despite the roadblocks.

In motivating her readers, there are pieces of advice strewn around the pages of this book that contribute to its worth. Take, for example, the chapter that talks about Others’ Experiences; My Lesson, where she draws the reader's attention to the fact that we do not only have to learn from personal experiences but from everywhere, every situation, and everybody and she went on to share how other people’s experiences that she learnt from, guided her in different circumstances.

Beyond the obvious though, one of the write-ups that stands out for me is “Mind Your Business” and by the end of this write-up, the reader gets a different admonition because instead of minding our business, we are encouraged to get into other people’s businesses by being compassionate. By the end of this write-up, we get to answer the unasked question to ascertain if we are succeeding in being compassionate and loving others like ourselves.

One thing or value that the writer possesses, which shouldn’t be lost on any reader because it glares at us from the pages of the book is her determination and commitment to what she believes in, doing the hard work and going the mile to build her credibility, which are assets that many young people today can build on, and assets that no entrepreneur can do without. Also worth noting is the writer’s ability to dare to dream because she painted for the reader some interesting images from her future, giving an idea of what she sees in her future which she is heading towards.

Life is Shutter Than You Think can be described as Mosope’s way of ensuring that she lives her life meaningfully. That is why the book is packed with 44 articles or write-ups that are independent of the one that comes before or after them. Each piece is complete in itself, short captivating and straight to the point, which is shedding more light on the topic of that entry.

Mosope has written a book that is very entertaining as well as educative. In some places, you will smile, at others you will laugh and at others still, you will nod your head in agreement. With her words, she absorbs the reader into her world because this book is a representation of who she is. It is not fiction but her personal journey and like in the chapter that says “You are A Pretender’, where she writes that she tells people not to assume her personality, I can safely say that reading this book can actually help the reader to assume Mosope’s personality and the reader wouldn’t be far from the truth.

Her style of writing is straight to the point. The use of everyday language that you and I use and is easy to understand is, of course, what makes the book engaging.

If you are yet to get a copy, then you can do so here if you are in Nigeria, or on Amazon.