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Short Story

By : Uzezi Ekere.

I descended. The applaud grew. My smiles were more beautiful than that of Janet Jackson. They remained on their feet, still applauding, until I was well seated. After I was seated, they sat down. I took it all in graciously. I took in all the honour and respect and relaxed to see the show to the end. The next to grace the stage was just too oratorical for my satisfaction. He was trying desperately to be obsequious to me. All I did was smile. The rejected stone now the most wanted.
As much as I prepared for this new life of mine, I never anticipated this side of my past so dear. I remember that afternoon when I had arrived home to the unwanted news. There was an invitation for me to be special guest of honour at a book lunch. I had sat down and soused myself in reverie, quickly becoming oblivious of my ambience.
It now seems like ages, but it really was a few years back. My new life happened in the twinkle of an eye. It wasn’t what I had intended for mys…

A Preview

This is just a preview. I am checking it out to see how it works. Once I am used to it, I will be posting so much for all of us to enjoy and digest. Welcome to my world.