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The Actor

Recently, in an interview with Lai Ashadele for National Mirror, I got first hand experience of how good an actor, he is. I had only arrived at his place when he positioned me before a camera. He soon joined me and was already acting a script written in his head, when the camera went off. The actor says he his still in the industry. The reason we don’t see much of him is because they price him too cheap. “Why should I be making myself poor while making a young man richer?” he asked. I wonder oh!

Africa Jamfest

There is something brewing in far away Kingston Jamaica that most of us might not know about. It is called the Africa Jamfest, which is set to bring the essence of African culture to Jamaica!

The five day unique festival is scheduled for November 1-5, 2006.
African heritage, music, art and crafts, fashion will be showcased to the fullest.
For more info on this, visit

From here at home, Nkem Gallery is representing, and something called video film and censor board have offered to sponsor. I hope I got that right.
Dupe Ahmed, though won’t be there, her beads will represent her big time.


Everybody can tell a story from a book read, which is why I gave my neighbours daughter this novel to read. She read it, and she reviewed it. You wouldn't believe how young she is.

Ironic: A Mild Voice, Singing Tough and Bloody

Title : No Sense of Limits
Author : Araceli Aipoh
Published : 2005
Publisher : Magic Word Limited
Reviewer : Ekwus Maryann

And one would begin to ponder, would the cause of literature in our country and indeed continent, divert any soon? Would we continue to tow the straight line of Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka, Ola Rotimi, very long list … Writers of thunderbolt personality that stroll the world of literature, clad in celestial garments and packaged for heaven.
We witnessed revolution in several fields of endevour in the word. We even saw acting transcend legendary folklore like ‘Gods Are Not To Blame,’ to pleasure rousing blockbusters like ‘State of Emergency’. Then Nigerians began to lust after teasers and thriller dished out by foreigners, both as books and as f…

The World Of Art

Photography is also art, and since discovering the stories that a single picture can tell, I have picked up an interest in it.

The first is a picture of creative art in progress.
Dupe Ahmed is an artist. An actress, designer etc. she does beautiful beads and here, she is captured doing what she knows how to do best.

The second is a picture of a child that I captured playfully. It is titled ‘Innocence’

The third is a picture I took of a moving vehicle. It is titled ‘Four Wheels’

A visit to the Nkem Gallery drew me closer to the world of artworks, and I am beginning to contemplate trying my hands on painting. The gallery is owned by Chief Frank Okonta and it is located at Lekki, Lagos. Nigeria. Beautiful paintings by different talented artists were displayed, and I couldn’t get a fill.



After the treaty,
The truce settled in.
The auspices were conspicuous.

Soon the past became evaporated,
Lifting away veils,
Revealing newness
Of gifts celestial,
In a solitude palatial.

The past forever was gone.
It occurred in a way
So terrific
That the finding
Was prolific.
No more deciphering,
Neither precipitating.

The evaluation
Was the new crowned king.
It happened so fast.
It was unprecedented.
The invalidators were thrown
Into that confounded mist.

They behaved brusquely,
Moving around wriggling,
As if they felt prickly.
Yes! They felt prickly.

It was unbelievable.
‘not her!’
Their heads shook
‘She has just been
Dragged out
From between the
Legs of her mother.’
They wouldn’t have her.
They wouldn’t have her.
Maturity and Experience
Flock together always.
Fingers of owners,
Different and different,
Have before
Lashed her away,
Because of age,
Because of age.
She wanted to say,
‘The juice is inside of me.’
but no ear was ready
to pay attention.
It wasn’t today.
It wasn’t yesterday.

The treaty will be sig…


Publication: Orita Meta
Author: Peju Alatise
Reviewer: Uzezi Ekere

IT is an on going thing for parents to search for names that best describe the ambience or situations that precedes the coming of a child. Oluwaremilekum, is one of such names; “Today you are without tears, Oluwa ti re e le kun. Yes, he has wiped your tears. Oluwaremilekun, it is true that the Lord has put a rest to my tears.”
Oluwaremilekun is the child that stayed alive, unlike the six others before her. She is the lead character of the book Orita Meta, a novel that tells a story of three particular women in different journeys, who ended up at the same destination : An understanding of life’s challenges and self-discovery as a woman.
Oluwaremilekun the lead character, is a child with an interesting future. An intelligent girl who showed interest at a very early age, in handcraft, at the age of self-discovery and the understanding of love, her pride got stolen from her.
The story of Orita Meta – The Crossroads, is a mixture…