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Departing Gambia

Sitting in the departure lounge at the airport, alone because only those travelling could be there, both of them kept contact through the phone as she waited to be transported away, far from him. And here are some text messages they exchanged in those few minutes, before the plane arrived.

SHE: Though my memory with him always is, the smell of me he dabbed around
HIM: And I’ve got part of you with me. Your hanky.

SHE: And that too. Stained with sand from my heels. Will you wash it?
HIM: Nope I won’t.

SHE: Does that poem fall under haiku? Haiku poems are 14 words. Not sure the number of syllables. Will edit it at home and blog it.
HIM: Haiku poems talk about nature as they relate to human relationships. 14 line poems are Shakesparean.

SHE: Naa. As long as it’s 14 words and a certain number of syllables, it’s haiku.
HIM: Thought you said 14 lines.

SHE: What will you do with a dirty handkerchief?
HIM: It still has your smell.

SHE: Ok. The face towel in the bathroom has my smell too. If I smell lik…

I'm Back

Seven days from today and Uzezi is back fully to blogging. I promise. I have missed all you guys who missed me, and didn't miss those who didn't miss me. I have got loads of gist to blog about. Starting from the fact that this particular blog is coming from The Gambia, where I am at the moment with my ....( fill in the gap). Will be back home in no time and back to blogging.

While I was gone, I turned a year older on July 5, finished a programme at Daystar Christain Centre, meaning I am now a bonafide member of the church. I got more business prospect, and the big news...... wait for it but get used to this name please- Entertainment Planent - it means a lot to me.

Okay, my fingers got to rest, and in seven days time, I promise some gist. Missed you all and i'm not happy about the back load of posts I have to read on your blogs.

your blogger in kind,