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I'm Back

Seven days from today and Uzezi is back fully to blogging. I promise. I have missed all you guys who missed me, and didn't miss those who didn't miss me. I have got loads of gist to blog about. Starting from the fact that this particular blog is coming from The Gambia, where I am at the moment with my ....( fill in the gap). Will be back home in no time and back to blogging.

While I was gone, I turned a year older on July 5, finished a programme at Daystar Christain Centre, meaning I am now a bonafide member of the church. I got more business prospect, and the big news...... wait for it but get used to this name please- Entertainment Planent - it means a lot to me.

Okay, my fingers got to rest, and in seven days time, I promise some gist. Missed you all and i'm not happy about the back load of posts I have to read on your blogs.

your blogger in kind,