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Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm Back

Seven days from today and Uzezi is back fully to blogging. I promise. I have missed all you guys who missed me, and didn't miss those who didn't miss me. I have got loads of gist to blog about. Starting from the fact that this particular blog is coming from The Gambia, where I am at the moment with my ....( fill in the gap). Will be back home in no time and back to blogging.

While I was gone, I turned a year older on July 5, finished a programme at Daystar Christain Centre, meaning I am now a bonafide member of the church. I got more business prospect, and the big news...... wait for it but get used to this name please- Entertainment Planent - it means a lot to me.

Okay, my fingers got to rest, and in seven days time, I promise some gist. Missed you all and i'm not happy about the back load of posts I have to read on your blogs.

your blogger in kind,


  1. Zayzee welcome back, miss you small so that means you miss me small abi

    Gambia at the moment with your "laptop", "eye candy", "bible", "pen and paper" e.t.c

    Well done on becoming a Daystarian - lol

    As per your comment on my blog
    Blogville idol is about folks singing to show they are hot or not
    See link below http://blogvilleidol08.blogspot.com/

  2. 2nd!!!!
    askor to 30+, lollll

    swerry, welcome back o
    u say u dey gambia with erm...erm... whobedat???? lolllllll
    njoy ya sef jare, norrin do u.

  3. welcome back! how did you end up in the Gambia?

  4. 3rd, i tried...lol...welcome back love, glad u achieved so much...maybe I should take some time off as well...the rest would do me good..

    hmmm why do I get the feeling u are in gambia with a man???

    happy belated birthday love...

  5. I got the same feeling as afrobabe o! Show us dis man you're consorting with ;)

    (Can't wait to read from you again!)

  6. @ 30+ - thanks. and yes, im with my laptop too, and bible and pen and paper and etc.

    @ LG- im enjoying my stay o! thanks

    @ bumight- I lost my heart and ended up here

    @ Afrobabe- thanks chick. that feeling of urs!

  7. @ goodnaijagirl- seriously? don't worry, i will blog again in a week

  8. Are you engaged, hehehehe

    Good that youre back.

    I like Pastor Adeyemi, lemme go listen

    Whats Gambia like

  9. Glad u r back, hun. Looking 4wd to the gists.

  10. This is so unfair.....you told me you will post next week...i would have been first.....

    Well, Gambia with mhhh....it soundsu'v been having fun...am green with envy...

    Glad to have you back....

    someone should jolt resquediva

  11. ure back!!! finally!
    Dis oen dat u hvnt graced my blog... am i one of those u didnt miss? Lolz
    Glad to have u.. ur post depicts signs of yummy gist o...
    Will be waitin!

  12. The Gambia, nice! Hope you have fun there... hmmm, I wonder who the dot dot dot is for...

  13. Glad u r back oh. Come and give us gist abeg.

  14. Glad u r back oh. Come and give us gist abeg.

  15. Welcome back!
    Happy belated birthday!

  16. WELCOME BACK DEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U've been really scarce. Gambia eh!! with ......!! Enjoyment minister..lol!!! I can't wait to hear all u got to blog about cos i luv luv d optimisim in ur writing. Wats gambia like, pls share.

  17. wat is this suspense?
    i can hardly wait....
    so u are in gambia with ur watttt???
    count down ......7

  18. welcome back o...hope things r getting into shape..

    i used to attend DayStar back in Naija..wonderful church..and yes i also did the course to become a member..well done girl!

  19. How are you doin Gurl? Hope d ... is ... and you are .... with d ....
    Anyway, U are missed but it looks like you are having all d fun, bring back d gist and "stuff".

  20. Yay, welcome back!
    Happy belated birthday to you! Somehow you just sound so refreshed in this post. Hope you have a good weekend.

  21. ...wooohooo!!..she's back!!!...i've missed you...hurry and give us gist!!!...i am soooo curious about who you're in the gambia with, what you're doing there, etc...

  22. ...and happy belated!!!...a cancer huh...

  23. lol @ "Gambia at the moment with your "laptop", "eye candy", "bible", "pen and paper" e.t.c" abi, 30+, helepe me ask her oh, cos i no understand.

    it's good 2 have u back, babe. pls hurry up wit d posts

  24. Happy birthday, u came to Gambia and didnt look for me, so much for blog paddies

  25. @ all. I'm laughing my head off. It's good to know you all wanna know what Gambia is about. I will blog about it in two days time. make una ready o! na very long post sha!

    @ mz Dee - missed u plenty

    @ Buki - u should know

    @ wole - why is sprezatura not showing?

  26. Welcome back girl...I was just begging for an update from you on standtall's blog. Daystar...Is that Sam Adeyemi's church?

    How come you're in Gambia? Who are you with? Is it your honeymoon? Or are you doing your TM in a foreign country?

    Seriously thinking up other scenarios for ZZ's presence in Gambia.

  27. yay my hunny is back

    entertainment planet...ok

    well done well done

    ive mist ure gist dem sha

    and HAPPY BELATED!!!!!!

  28. OMG I was sooo excited when I saw a comment from you on my blog!
    Your in Gambia?! We need details babes!
    OMG Entertainment planet?! Okay your gonna have to give us more info! So happy your achieving do much. You better do it!!
    Glad your back! You have been missed!!

  29. *rises up her hand....i missed you!!!


  30. welcome back! the Gambia. humm..

  31. hey...weclome back to earth :D

    congrats on the church membership.

    and many many happy returns of the belated bday...hope u had a blast...

    cya sometime over on the blog :)

  32. From my estimation, today is the 7th day...where art thou???

  33. thankGod ur back.....u'd bin blow d radar for too long!

  34. Uzezi All this talk of smelly handkerchiefs.....yuck. Anymore gist?

  35. Zayzee is back!

    Nice to have u back sis.