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though it seems like ...

im not gone........
a month is almost gone and im everywhere and nowhere.

im still here and will do a post soon.

In Need Of Help

Didn’t have time to do enough blog rounds this week and that is because I resumed work as Executive Assistant, Marketing Communication, with a pharmaceutical company, on September 1st. (yea right, big title. hehehehehe)

I got the job in the month of July in what I would describe as purely the hands of God, because I wasn’t looking for a job, rather, I was preparing for ‘Entertainment Planet’. If you remember my old posts, I had resigned my last appointment in February to rest and play and follow my heart to do what I love.

When this job came (which was actually offered to me on a plane by another passenger, who is now my MD), it came with an attractive offer that would benefit ‘Entertainment Planet’ and my dreams in the long run.

So I started work and I’m still settling in. So far this week, God has really surprised me with favours. More on than in another post.

This post is not about me, but about Tena, a dear soul that 'YPI' lost in April. I belong to a non-governmental organiza…