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In Need Of Help

Didn’t have time to do enough blog rounds this week and that is because I resumed work as Executive Assistant, Marketing Communication, with a pharmaceutical company, on September 1st. (yea right, big title. hehehehehe)

I got the job in the month of July in what I would describe as purely the hands of God, because I wasn’t looking for a job, rather, I was preparing for ‘Entertainment Planet’. If you remember my old posts, I had resigned my last appointment in February to rest and play and follow my heart to do what I love.

When this job came (which was actually offered to me on a plane by another passenger, who is now my MD), it came with an attractive offer that would benefit ‘Entertainment Planet’ and my dreams in the long run.

So I started work and I’m still settling in. So far this week, God has really surprised me with favours. More on than in another post.

This post is not about me, but about Tena, a dear soul that 'YPI' lost in April. I belong to a non-governmental organization, Young Professionals Impact, YPI. We are just a gathering of young independent people who have a desire to offer change in the lives of less privileged children. Most of the time, we contribute monies and other stuff to donate to orphanages. Twice, we have organized events (a programme in collaroratiob with Segun Adefilia’s Crown Troupe of Africa, February lat year at Terra Kulture, and a walk in November last year, from Alagomeji to Unilag Sport Centre) in which the monies raised where used to sponsor the education of several children in the SOS village, Isolo, Lagos.

Tena Desiree Tebeakami - a dedicated member of YPI, whose passion for helping the less privileged made many of us sit up in our dedication to the goal and mission of YPI – died in the month of April in South Africa, where she had gone for some courses.

In her memory, YPI is organizing a programme to formally launch the ‘Project Desiree Initiative’.

The purpose of the initiative is to have a fund to cater for the education needs of selected orphans/pupils in selected public schools, up to the secondary school level.

We intend to raise One Million Naira Only, and the plan is to make this an annual programme going forward. Fund raising activities have commenced and the lecture/gathering, which is meant to formally launch the fund, will hold on September 21, 2008, at the Learning and Development Centre, Ikoyi. The amount raise will be used to start up the ‘Desiree Scholars Programme’, which will provide scholarships.

Uzezi Ekere (me) is one of the four members of the Project Desiree committee. Every member of YPI is involved in the fund raising, and it will be a shame for a committee member like me, not to raise enough.

This is where blogville comes in. I know I haven’t seen anything like this on any blog, but I can assure you this is no fraud. I wouldn’t dare. I like to believe that even if you all haven’t met me, you have an idea of who I am since I blog with my real identity and can even be traced to my village, courtesy my posts, and will soon become famous self. (Me and wellsbaba get plans.)

Please and please, I solicit for donations for this cause. The members of YPI cannot always do it alone, no matter how independent we are.

Send me a mail;, call 08023929375, 018735463 and make me glad by requesting information on how you can help change the future of a child. That you are not in Nigeria, or a Nigerian is not an excuse if you want to help. Your names will not be excluded from our donors' lists.

I will appreciate if those bloggers who have heavy traffic on their blogs can please copy the necessaries of this post and post on their blogs.

Doll, you always wanted to do something like this, come join us and be a member. Others are welcome. Together, our dreams of being involved in helping the less privileged, can come true faster, than when we step out alone.

My September began very well, help to make it end wonderfully. More about YPI on