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It began once upon a time that I became a blogger. As you all know, I didn’t go with a pseudonym, because I sensed that this could be a medium for me to express my creativity and prepare myself for my future as a writer. What more, I came into this blog world as a journalist and as a journalist; there is nothing that is much more important than your name. When I came here, I wished to increase the number of people who read my write ups in the newspaper. In those days, because I reported the ARTS, I used to blog some of my write ups and interviews which had already been published.

For those who don’t know, my name is Uzezi Ekere and I am 28. My favourite food is Starch and Banga soup. Although I had a science background and even got admitted to study Medicine at UNIBEN, God saved me that misfortune and Mass Communication became me at the Lagos State Polytechnic. I love to write and that is the greatest talent that I have which I treasure deeply. I wish I could paint or draw - I have a g…