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It began once upon a time that I became a blogger. As you all know, I didn’t go with a pseudonym, because I sensed that this could be a medium for me to express my creativity and prepare myself for my future as a writer. What more, I came into this blog world as a journalist and as a journalist; there is nothing that is much more important than your name. When I came here, I wished to increase the number of people who read my write ups in the newspaper. In those days, because I reported the ARTS, I used to blog some of my write ups and interviews which had already been published.

For those who don’t know, my name is Uzezi Ekere and I am 28. My favourite food is Starch and Banga soup. Although I had a science background and even got admitted to study Medicine at UNIBEN, God saved me that misfortune and Mass Communication became me at the Lagos State Polytechnic. I love to write and that is the greatest talent that I have which I treasure deeply. I wish I could paint or draw - I have a great respect for that class of artists.

My writing took me into journalism but I never intended to stay put for long. Even though I have said I will always be a journalist - and I am going back to it soon, though no more reporting – I am a person of many ambitions, and being adventurous helps me to pursue these ambitions. This of course is the reason why I went from being a journalist to being a marketer, even though it was really very brief.

I love honesty and admire honest people. I am not a secretive person, and I am truthful to a fault. There is nothing I wouldn’t share with the person I love. It’s better when it’s in the open. That way I know where I stand. Why live in fear of ‘will he find out?’

I am also quiet. As quiet as I am – though my friends say quiet does not define me – I can be crazy. Back in school then, there was this guy in my class I really liked. I flirted with him so much with text messages and he never found out it was me, though we were friends. I made him believe it was a friend of mine, and even told him once to watch closely on a certain day that he would see her with me because she really wants me to introduce them. That is naughty. But I guess my naughtiest deed was when as a columnist in a national newspaper, I made my readers believe I was a lesbian, when I wrote a lesbian series. Christ! The calls I got, and still get!

As a child, I loved to play. In school or out, I am queen of the play ground. So it really is very frustrating when someone tries to tie me down in the house so I don’t have time to play. In those days, when my dad was leaving for work, he would give me and my brother homework we would do after school so we don’t go out to play. 50 maths questions, 50 English language questions, 50 quantitative analysis questions and 50 verbal questions. All these from one mighty book meant to prepare us for common entrance examination into secondary school.

One fateful day, I got a revelation. By mistake I noticed that the answers to all the questions in the book are at the back. My misery ended. And play continued. After school, all I did was copy all the answers. They were all objective questions with options and what I submitted to my dad was the options, already shaded the way it is done at the Common Entrance exam. One day, my dad was marking my work. He was surprised I got a particular answer right, and called me to come and do solve it for him to see how I arrived at the answer. That day I was caught. And was beaten. Take that for a favourable event in my childhood. And then I grew up. Fast forward to 2008.

Yes. I should say that 2008 will remain the year that I will never forget in my life, because this is the year that everything started to make sense for me. This eye I actually fixed fake eye lashes. At the salon, they were glued to my eye lashes. Never again. Although I achieved 70% of all I set out to achieve this year, I have no regrets for the remaining 30%. This year gave me my favourable event as an adult yet. When I flirted unabashedly, I must add, with one very tall, handsome guy, that I was determined to have....... and I got him. Not just for the year, but forever. Wow! At times it pays to be bold. You just have to do what you have to do. How’s that for my motto in life? And if relocating to Gambia is what I have to do, then so be it.

A new year is around the corner and like everyone else, I have plans. I have more than three big projects I’m working on for 2009. If at the end of 2009, you do not read about me in the papers, or hear about me on the television or radio, then my plans failed. But they won’t fail in Jesus name, and I won’t reveal them here yet.

The purpose for my life is the most important thing to me. I don’t want to die without achieving God’s purpose for creating me. This year, I was truly blessed to discover God the way I never had before. I came to Him because I was fed up of doing it on my own and carrying the burdens and depending on mortals. I needed comfort and I needed unconditional love and I needed direction. Most importantly, I needed a relationship with God. Today, I have a different view of life, than I had during the first four months of this year. I realised that being born again is the best thing that could have happened to me, and I don’t miss the old me. I am not ashamed to talk about Christ because where I am today, is the biggest testimony in my life. At the beginning of this year, I never dreamt I will be where I am. I have entered into a covenant with God and the only power strong enough to tear me out of it, is God. But why would He tear me out when I can be a medium for Him to let people know about how good He is?

In ending this year, I am proud to say that the Young Professionals Impact YPI, the NGO I belong to, did tremendously well this year. First we had our Project Desiree to raise funds to sponsor orphans. And like Obama, Yes we did! We adopted three five year olds in an Orphanage, by taking on their educational responsibility till they finish schooling. We had a fund raising dinner last week Friday to support educational facilities at the Heart of Gold Hospice Home. And again, Yes We Did!

God is awesome. He gave His Son, the One who negotiated a better ‘covenant’ for us with His Father, by offering His Life, so we might live.

Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need. Heb 4: 16

PS: Incase anyone is wondering, I just answered the questions from my last post. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to You.