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And We Are One....

We sat and watched the ceremony
Going on around us
We were at a marriage ceremony.

It began like a child’s play
I thought I was going in for a fling
What I got was a serious relationship
Very different from others of the past
We had our moments of joy and sadness
Intense disagreements that could
Have packed us up
But the Lord who made
Our paths to cross, watched over us

Lots of memories encased inside 32 months
Since our journey began
At a point, he became my number one treasure after Jesus
And he tells me how glad he is that I flirted and chased him
For if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be writing this
He wouldn’t be my caveman
I wouldn’t be his wife.

Yes, we watched the ceremony
Going on around us
He said it’s like being at someone’s
Marriage ceremony.
Well, it was the Caveman & Zayzee
Becoming one...

Desperate Housewives (New Edition)

From my column in the Extra Newspapers. If you are in Nigeria, please ask a vendor for this newspaper, especially on Mondays. It is a weekly.

I once heard a story about a lady who, early in her teen years, decided she wanted to be a full time house wife. In achieving her goals, she took her studies seriously, left secondary school with good grades and got admitted into higher institution. She graduated and completed her NYSC in due course and got a good job. While working, she enrolled for a one year programme at the Lagos Business School. There at the school, she had various suitors, encouraged them all and decided on the one to go for. While he wasn’t a wealthy man yet, she saw the prospects of how fast he would rise and in less than five years after they were married, her prediction came true and she could afford to be a full time house wife.

I don’t know how true the above story is, but it does teach a lesson; that you have to work to get what you want. Unfo…

It's Coming Again!

I did a post just last month about the flood situation in parts of Ogun and Lagos state, which affected my office. It was due to some doors of the dam in Ogun state, being opened because said dam was full to bursting capacity. Anyway, these pix are from the flooding and see my office submerged to the extent that some staff had to use a canoe to access the production building. We have enjoyed two weeks of no water and dry land. This morning, we came to work and realised the water is coming back! Gradually. The crazy thing is, this flood situation from Ogun state, which always affects parts of Lagos, especially Mile 12, Owode and Ikorodu area, is not new. It occurs every two or three years! And the government knows! And yet, nothing is being done to channel the excess water somewhere for safekeeping untill it is needed. And ironically, there are parts of Ogun state that do not have water supply. In a matter of months, when the dry season comes, more areas and farmers will be in need of …