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It's Coming Again!

I did a post just last month about the flood situation in parts of Ogun and Lagos state, which affected my office. It was due to some doors of the dam in Ogun state, being opened because said dam was full to bursting capacity. Anyway, these pix are from the flooding and see my office submerged to the extent that some staff had to use a canoe to access the production building. We have enjoyed two weeks of no water and dry land. This morning, we came to work and realised the water is coming back! Gradually. The crazy thing is, this flood situation from Ogun state, which always affects parts of Lagos, especially Mile 12, Owode and Ikorodu area, is not new. It occurs every two or three years! And the government knows! And yet, nothing is being done to channel the excess water somewhere for safekeeping untill it is needed. And ironically, there are parts of Ogun state that do not have water supply. In a matter of months, when the dry season comes, more areas and farmers will be in need of water, and here we are! If this situation isn't man made, then what is it? There are people in Ikorodu and Mile 12 that lost their homes to the flood. Its crazy really. I go do one man riot very soon