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Monday, November 22, 2010

And We Are One....

We sat and watched the ceremony
Going on around us
We were at a marriage ceremony.

It began like a child’s play
I thought I was going in for a fling
What I got was a serious relationship
Very different from others of the past
We had our moments of joy and sadness
Intense disagreements that could
Have packed us up
But the Lord who made
Our paths to cross, watched over us

Lots of memories encased inside 32 months
Since our journey began
At a point, he became my number one treasure after Jesus
And he tells me how glad he is that I flirted and chased him
For if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be writing this
He wouldn’t be my caveman
I wouldn’t be his wife.

Yes, we watched the ceremony
Going on around us
He said it’s like being at someone’s
Marriage ceremony.
Well, it was the Caveman & Zayzee
Becoming one...


  1. WOW!! congrats babe! may ur union be blessed (ami)
    so so happy for you, but why u no tantalized us with kinkili picture???

    *hope u r honeymonning o :) n my rgards to him too

  2. @ LG- lol at kinkili pixs. check facebook 4 some.


  3. Awwwwwwwwwww how beautiful! CONGRATS!!! Wish you a blessed & glorious marriage!!!! I wanna see pix!!!

  4. Congratulations to you two! Won't you please indulge us with a picture?

    Happy wedded life!

  5. congrats uzezi..remember when you posted on your blog that you were going to Gambia..

    Well, happy married life

  6. Congrats,dear..
    may da good lawd bless the union,amen :)

  7. Congrats and all the Blessings of God (IAM) to you!

  8. Congrats Dearie, and I pray you both have the best live with love and happiness.

  9. thanx babes i seen dem, but they were not 'enuf' :)

  10. Congrats Mrs.

    Lots of *Hugs*. You and your marriage are blessed.

  11. ...the journey not bound by time.

  12. CONGRATULATION! wish you both a blessed & happy marriage.

    Tnx 4 stopping by.

  13. WOW!
    Congrats babe!!
    WIsh you ALLLL the best!

  14. Congratulations
    Wishing you laughter and love everyday...!

  15. OMG! how did i miss this post?