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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

What About You?

In an editorial meeting today, my publisher asked each person: 'if you were a PDP delegate, who would you vote for during the primaries?' 99% of us said Jonathan. 1% said Atiku because he is more confident.

And I was thinking that despite all the faults we have seen in Jonathan and all the mistakes he's been making, he still is the preffered choice. I pray come the primaries, the will of God will be accomplished. I pray in 2011 the graudual changes that God intends for our beloved country will become obvious for those who doubt that dry bones shall rise again. Nigeria will rise. And so will every person reading this right now. You shall rise and increase in every area of your life and the transfer of God's favour unto His children will find you in Jesus name.

Happy New Year Everyone.
And I put the question to you. 'Were you a delegate of PDP, who will you vote during the primaries?'


  1. Happy new year dear and a big AMEN to your prayer, I wish you the same!

  2. I will meither vote for the 'devil or the deep blue sea', will bid my time till the main elections.

    More importantly, let "... the will of God will be accomplished."

    Happy New Year

  3. Happy New Year and Amen to your prayer.
    With regards to who I'll vote....emmm.....emmm....not sure! *smile*


    *hapinewyr 2011

  5. ....talk about the best of two evils

  6. For me, I'm definitely voting for Jonathan..
    I believe he's the one.

  7. Long time babes, hope you fine?

  8. Hope 2011 has been good, may it be your best year yet, as for PDP candidates...NO COMMENT

  9. Happy New Year. You have seen the results...

    How are you and hope you are enjoying married life.

    And Happy Val's day to you.