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SearchingHi guys, I know we have a lot of writers on blogville. Some published, some hoping to be soon. Anyway, I have a client who is searching for publishable manuscripts. If you write Christian fiction and can write stories for teenagers in secondary schools, then contact my client by clickinghere.

In Times Like These

We are living in very difficult times. Many of us do not even know or understand the magnitude of the terrible things that are going on behind closed doors. Criminal acts are constantly been committed by authority figures that are supposed to help us and the country.
Even the media cannot be trusted anymore. Many published stories in our dailies do not scratch the surface of the issues of this country and nobody is asking, nobody is saying anything, nobody cares, because those you are in a position to care, are affluent enough to protect their families from what the common Nigeria experiences. But for how long will they succeed at this? Some of the most powerful Nigerian media who are supposed to be the gatekeepers and report to the public have jumped to the other side of the fence and for money, will sell and are selling their integrity.
In all these, many believe there is no hope for Nigeria. As a young child many years ago, the adults will say ‘in our time or back in the days when th…