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I’m not boring

I haven't become boring I haven't lost my creativity
I haven't become boring I haven't lost touch with trends
I haven't become boring I am not all about baby gist
I haven't become boring No, I still have lots of hot things to tell I still have those stories I want to write I even have published quite a number of books upstairs
I haven't become boring But I have become second to me As mummy duties take over
I haven't become boring or abandoned blogging and being creative I just need to figure out how to be a superwoman
So please, I’m not boring

One too many times

I have said this too many times before. I will just keep quiet and let my actions do the speaking, then we will know if I am serious or not.

Just recently, I added another job to my list: real estate. I have access to the best deals on offer for lands and houses. Why should you buy your properties through me? Because I have been reporting real estate for Hallmark Newspapers for a while now and have made lots of contacts and they are not fraudsters. So, bring the business here to my doorstep.

I missed you guys!