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Maryam Elisha: An Entrepreneur That Owns The Fashion Stage

Nothing sharpens the determination of an entrepreneur as much as acceptance, appreciation and recognition of his or her efforts. Imagine the shock and finally the excitement that flowed through every part of her when a few days after the just concluded African Fashion Week, she was named Designer of the Year, 2016, by House of Qhue.
Maryam Elisha is a business woman with numerous interests of which fashion takes the lead. Young, beautiful, determined, persistent, smart and hardworking, she has the ingredients success requires.

Her Rikaoto by ME fashion brand was established in 2009. The name Rikaoto is her middle name, which means fruitful in her Hausa language and ME is simply Maryam Elisha.
Though Rikaoto designs regular outfit, the brand is famous for red carpet dresses and official outfits. Coming from her modeling and pageantry background, this dynamic CEO understands how important it is to nail the right outfit at shows that call for glam and beauty. She knew exactly the type of ou…

When Success Comes

There is hardly a person you will come across who doesn’t want to be a millionaire. Ask five people around you to tell you in one minute what they will do if given a million naira. It is possible they might not give you reasonable answers. Many of us want some things we do not need or not ready for and as a result are unable to utilise them, when they come into our lives. Ever wondered why most lottery winners do not remain millionaires a few years later or why most child prodigies fail? They arrived too early at a place or location they are meant to be at several years away.

Drive Magazine, August 2016 Edition

Themed 'When Success Comes', this edition of Drive presents:

- Maryam Elisha, Fashion Designer of the Year, 2016, who capitalised on her connections as a beauty queen, to build a successful fashion brand. 
- The business owner who left her bank job due to lack of job satisfaction. 
- Why you need a business plan
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