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Hello, Has writing a book about your journey through life (an autobiography) or the business world crossed your mind but you cannot find the right words or the time to dedicate to writing?  My name is Uzezi and I love to write and put life into the words of others, as I express their thoughts and ideas in their voice .      Get Editing and Publishing Services Here Get One-On-One guidance to Write Your Book yourself in 30 Days Here Get Book Designers, Graphics Work, Illustrators Here Print Your Book Here Beyond the words of my clients, I research other details related to them or their work and if necessary, add such to enrich whatever work I have been commissioned to do. I would love to offer my services to you as a ghostwriter... Telling your experience in the industry you find yourself and all that you have learnt; the dos and the don’ts or a ‘How To’ book Challenging life events Addressing whatever misconceptions people have about you And others…       Book a consultatio
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How To Improve Your Writing Skills

1. Read. Good writers are avid readers. Apart from helping your imagination to break borders and expanding your vocabulary, reading exposes you to different cultures and places * You encounter different styles of writing that can directly or indirectly influence yours * The more you read, the more you’ll learn how to structure your writing; sharpen your descriptive ability and master the use of figures and parts of speech. If you want to be a better writer, don’t stop reading. Read at least one book every week. 2. Learn the basic principles of writing. Writers write for readers and not for themselves. With that in mind, when you write, ensure: • Clarity: the reader should understand your message easily. • An Active Voice: your subject (the noun) should perform whatever action you are writing about. • Short Sentences: long sentences can be confusing and you might lose the reader. • Simplicity: don’t use words that are unnecessary or hard to decipher. • Order: organise

Happify Your Life

Dinma Nwobi Writes: On Sunday, the world will be celebrating International Day of Happiness. Why happiness? Happiness is the new flourishing. Yes, you read right. Happiness is the new flourishing. In a world where everything seems to be conspiring to drive you nuts. In a world where everything seeks to remind you of your failures and inadequacies. Happiness is the new flourishing. You will agree with me that our wellbeing is being bastardized daily. From home, workplace, government, and even our communities, our inner peace is threatened daily. We can no longer afford to allow negative emotions to rule our minds. I have been on this journey of studying and living out what makes humans flourish and enjoy their own kind of ‘happy’ for years. In our family, Raising other happy families is part of our mission statement and we have been doing it in our unique way until Sept 12, 2021, when I heard in my spirit, “Write a book - the title shall be ‘Happify Your Life’ an

The Kind of Endorsement I Love

  We were arrested and imprisoned in America. We spent more than five months in four different American prisons … I was there with him; I saw it all as God Messed Him Up! The highlight of what I do is acknowledgement. When I see my name listed in the Acknowledgement of books I edited, it gets me tickled. With their acknowledgements, the majority of the authors I’ve worked with leave me an opportunity to showcase my past works. But as a ghostwriter, it is different. I sign a non-disclosure agreement. Because I am a ghost and you don’t see ghosts, nobody is supposed to know I worked on the book. My sister once said it was cheating. But it is a job and it is not my story. In 2018, when I met Seun, he widened the door that I’d only cracked a little and grew my career as a ghostwriter, which has given me the opportunity to meet some big names I cannot mention whose books I have ghostwritten. The ripple effect continues with referrals. Imagine my shock this morning. I woke up to the cove

My Leaking Water Cistern

  By Anne Oboho   I once told you about my one-room apartment. This one-room apartment has one toilet. When I moved in 13 years ago, I met a faulty water cistern in the toilet, but bought a new one and replaced it. But you know how almost everything you buy in the market is fake. This water cistern started leaking water and I did not know. I only observed that my toilet was always flooded and I would bail water every time I want to use it. The plumber could not detect the source of the flood. But one day, I heard the sound of dripping water and discovered it came from that cistern. I was happy that the source of the constant flood had been spotted. I did not want to rush to the market and buy another cistern; that thing cost N5,000 13 years ago as fake as it is. I imagined that I might have to part with at least N50,000 for it now. So, I did what any economic minded person would do. I put a small paint bucket under the cistern to collect the water. But the pai

Mood Interrupted

He said I should ask Him for a birthday gift and immediately, the waterworks started.   I went into His presence this morning not to study the Word or meditate on it. I went not to show appreciation for all He has done for me or to pray. I simply went into His presence to vent on the first day of July because somehow, I found myself in that place nobody loves. Gloom accompanied me to bed and woke with me. I knew I wasn’t going to achieve any meaningful work today so waited for my husband and kids to leave for work and school because I wanted to sulk alone. Being alone and sulking are BFF. The rest of the day ahead was glammed up in gloom, patiently waiting for me at the front to present myself, like a bride approaching her groom at the altar. I didn’t want to be a late bride, so made haste to finish the morning chores so I could finally glide down and commit 100% of me, mind, body and soul to gloom for a memorable date. But the Holy Spirit didn’t let me. He knew the barrage of

After Lights Out (A Review)

  The Book After Lights Out, written by Kemi Owonibi, is a story of new beginnings – the perfect interpretation of 'joy comes in the morning', after a night (season) of weeping (disappointments). The story centres on Anita and her relationships with Fisayo, Sofie and Tolu, three people whose past stories were essential in ushering Anita into a new season. Being human and longing to have her dreams fulfilled, Pastor Anita, like many Christians do, unintentionally ignored the small, still and silent voice, ultimately shutting out the help of the Holy Spirit when she allowed herself to be led up her mountain of desires to be tempted. The pages of this book will take the reader through collisions, as man's plans interfered with God's original assignment resulting in frustrating circumstances, loss of clarity and hollowness. The writer took a risk by introducing an entanglement that could have easily ripped the story off its purpose, but Kemi skillfully wove her i