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Inside SOS Village

These pictures show part of the SOS village. The environment is really so cool, calm and clean.

I bet you had no idea that the children in the village live a very structured family life, just like you and I and those who grow up in the same family house cannot marry each other because they are siblings.

Imagine such open grounds, beautiful field.

What's more, the children are divided into family houses. Each family house has a mother who stays with them always. She goes home once in a while to see her own family. There is a primary school in the premises, but according to our escorts, for secondary education, they go out to mix up with the world. I bet you didn't know a medical doctor has materialised from there. She works abroad.

This here, is a family house. Sorry no pictures of some of the lovely children we visited. It isn't allowed because people use them to collect donations that never get to SOS.