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Friday, November 24, 2006

The Kids In Action

My camera actually got working inside the gallery, before it came outside, and I said I wanted to take pictures of a nice view from the balcony. This is what I took, and it isn’t so pleasant, but it is part of Lagos.
The building on the other side of the dead fence (forgive my English), which is uncompleted is the popular mama put joint on King George V road. A pity I didn’t go in there to eat. We were in a hurry to return to the mainland. That was when the kids’ action began.


  1. Ah... Ghana High Commission... have you been inside it... the queues, the shoving, the salivating, the smoke, the artfully constructed, colourful plates - rainbow coleslaw, yellow/brown dodo, red/orange rice, brown beans etc)...Lagos compressed into the smoky stomach of a buka...

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