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The View From a Balcony

Okay. So what if I am not Kelechi Amadi or Uche Iroha.

I can still take some pictures. All I was doing was storing memories of that day, you know. Just like my Mya sang:

I wanna take a picture, so I can remember this moment forever.
I wanna take a picture so I can show my children someday.

This picture was taken from the balcony of the building where the Framemaster is located.

I cannot see the front of that skycrapper, so I cannot tell you the name of the building. And because I am not so good with names of bridges on the Island, I can't tell you which is by the building. But of course, that is Peak Milk's advert.

I guess my skills are getting better with the camera. I am not the Agama Lizard.