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Friday, November 03, 2006

Young & Free

Just imagining the possibily of blogging my National Mirror column every week. It will mean some people who buy Tuesday Mirror because of that column won't buy, because they will get it free of charge. Nay!

I will blog Young & Free articles, but only when they are really old.

As per our Young & Free Club, the subcribers are much sha. I no no say people dey like this kind thing. Even some guys wants to be members.

We shall see.

Eh, before I forget, the shoe. I am imagining me in it. Got it from one of those Jessica Simpons adverts on internet. But I have finer shoes sha. And real stilettos. This girl is vain, but who cares?


  1. hype, hype hype, uzezi. you have failed to say if what you write on young and free is true or fabricated. you just keep people guessing, then u form anger when someone calls you and say 'how can we meet'. so really, how can we meet?

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  4. hi sprezatura. sorry i haven't checked you out. i have been out of here. i will do that now. it has better be interesting else i will blast you on my blog. kidding.