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Drowning In Confusion

For quite some time now, I have been thinking seriously of what I am doing, and what I still want to do.
Confusing is the fact that I cannot even gather my thoughts and plan straight. There are too many things struggling for attention in my little head, that I just ignore everything. And I am at a lost, because I have to face other stuffs so that I don't get bored to dead with this routine journalism work.

I have had two different job offers that has given me an insights into what to do next as per starting my own company, but my head is refusing to let me think. I sit with friends and discuss on how to market their books, things that must be done to help books sell like pure water, and make sure people read them, and the next thing is, Uzezi, why don't you handle that part for me. You have it all planned out, you can actually do this for us.

And I stop to think, that is true. Management or PR, which is it called?
But I am so freaking confused I don't know where to start from. I need help please.