Friday, January 26, 2007

End Of The Year

This is really sickening, I swear. It seems as though I basically went bananas which must be the reason why I haven’t come near my blog for ages.
To be frank, I didn’t really go bananas. I just took time out to relax and spoil myself.
My year began on a good note and just days into it, I took ill. Now recovered and kicking strong and back to work, I am trying to tie all the loose ends I left undo in 2006, so I can start living my life. Till I do that, the year has not really began for.


  1. Hi Uzezi,

    Nice to have you back!I've been wondering where you were. If blogging becomes too much, you can do it once a week, like I am doing mine now.

  2. I think that's what i will do. Once a week. Well, knowing I was always been visited and missed, makes me want to be here always.