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From my inbox. When I saw the subject in my mailbox, I almost didn't open the mail. Well, I guess I made the right decision by opening it.

A Comparison of Realities.
What Kind Of Life Do You Want To Live?

* If you had all the money in the world and never had to work again, what would you do with your free time?
* If you(and your spouse if married) stopped working today, what would happen to your life? How long could you survive and still maintain your standard of living and lifestyle?
* At what age will you be able to retire if you are not already retired? Would you like to retire earlier? When you retire, will you be making more money than your are today or less?
* Would you rather live a life where you no longer needed a paycheck or would you rather live a life where you're always working at or looking for a higher paying job? Would you rather be unemployable or more employable? Which life are you leading today?
* Do you want to live a life where you work hard trying to spend more money because you have too much money or live a life working hard trying to save money? Which life are you leading?
* Would you rather live a life where you do not have to work hard to earn more or would you rather live a life where you have to work harder to earn more? Which life are you living?
* Do you think investing is risky? Do you think it takes money to make money? Would you like to be able to invest without any money and without much risk for very high returns? If you could invest with someone else's money would you?
* Who are the six people other than your family that you spend the most time around? What is their attitude toward money? Is it rich, poor or middleclass? Of those six people, how many will be able to retire young and retire rich? Is it time for you to make new friends?
* Would you rather live a life where you work to become rich building or buying assets, or would you rather live a life working for job security and a steady paycheck? Which life are you living?
* If you were offered a billion dollars to quit your job, would you? If a billion dollars is more important than your job, why not go for the billion dollars? What specifically holds you back? If you would not quit your job for a billion dollars...then why? Could you not use the billion dollars to do more good than you are doing now?
* Do you live a life where you make money regardless if the market goes up or down or do you live a life where you live in fear of market crashes and losing money? Which life do you live? Why?
* Regarding the subject of money, if you could do things differently, what would you do differently? If there is something you would do differently, why aren't you doing it?