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Help and applaud Miss MLGN, the Most Laziest Girl in Nigeria. I have been to the four corners of Naija and it has been certified that no body can take the crown from me, else, how did it happen that I have failed to blog for like, God knows how long? Very simple answer: pure laziness, and when I go absent again for a longer time, it means I have gone for the International Edition of Laziest Girl in the World. If I win, I won’t be on this blog for more than a year, because I will be busy reigning and concentrating on my pet project of promoting procrastination.

For now though, as the reigning queen in Naija, I got lots of prizes which includes four complete seasons of Desperate Housewives, to make sure I don’t have time for anything, like work and books and kitchen, so that I can enjoy the exploits of Gabrielle Solis in DH.
Also got the complete four seasons of Sex and the City on the corner, so once I am through with DH (Desperate Housewives), something else will take my time.
I also got me a PR as a prize also. PR stands for something I cannot give its full name else I will be suspended as queen due to bad behaviour.
Lots of girls were jealous of me when I won the crown, but I only smiled. One has to be absolutely lazy to win this crown. When I say lazy, I mean lazy at every single thing, and I intend to keep this crown for a while, and enjoy my gifts. No pet project picked yet.
I am too lazy to think properly.