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The Ring Thingy

i copied this from
and decided to share. i will write what i feel on this issue sometime soon.

"my friend Abiodun got married some days back and it was a beautiful day, she and her groom got their papas to spend plenty money and we all cooed over every single detail except the groom, “what is a fine looking sista like Abbe doing with him?” was the question on our minds, but spinelessly not our tongues.The groom, who apart from being just 18 years older than stylish and beautiful Abbe was peculiar, he didn’t behave as if he was getting married, didn’t smile at the bride or anyone, didn’t look longingly into the bride’s eye! Didn’t look excited!...
DIDN’T LOOK LIKE HE WAS THERE!I asked if anyone knew how they met and nobody knew, it sounded a bit odd as Abbe had always enjoyed flaunting every aspect of her life to every one of us.I was beginning to think there could be an X-FILES theory somewhere when one of my girls said,
“It’s the ring thingy you know”“What …

A Poem?


At his touch, I loosen.
At his caress, I melt.
As the lone finger
Finds me and knows me,
I loss.
But at insertion …
SHIT! This is rubbish.
He’s failed.

(c) UZEZI EKERE. 8th DECEMBER. 2002.

An Amateur's Poem

this is the very first poem i wrote in my life, and whenever i read it, and compare it with recent ones, i tell myself i have improved, but really, have i? why haven't i published? fear?


Infatuation is a foolish love at first sight.
Foolish because you are loving blindly.
Blindly because you are loving what you can’t get.
What you can’t get, because you are unsure
If to you he can belong.
Relationships are journeys one embarks on.
The outcome sometimes your destination.
On the wrong lane the bus sometimes drops you.
To be content it’s best today’s blessing.
And tomorrow’s for itself leave.
But unabsorbed at times is a day’s blessing,
Because of confusion.
Of him, alone at home I think.
Tons to tell him I want.
I see him, and dumb become I.
For him to hear,
A trillion and one sweet things.
My words,
The sound of his voice distinguishes.
What, I ponder, do I await?
Scared I am. The answer.
I know risks go with life,
And without one, on further I go.
Should be strong I know.
Fragile is the heart.
Of …

Interview with Lekan Balogun

This Interview was published in National Mirror in April.
My Friends Think I Must Be Crazy To Live As A Dramatist-Lekan Balogun

Like his contemporary, Wole Oguntokun, Lekan Balogun belongs to a new generation of Nigerian playwrights, prolific and focused, whose contributions to the growth of the Nigerian theatre is considered by critics to be invaluable and worthy of commendation. In this interview with UZEZI EKERE, he talks about his career as a dramatist and what lies ahead. Excerpts:

How long have you been involved with the theatre?
We are talking about fourteen years, and its been one long and adventurous one.

What has the journey been like for fourteen years?
It’s been very enormous really, because quite a lot of people do not know that I didn’t start as a playwright. They know me as a writer but I actually started as a stage actor, after a while I got into research, which I still do, and it is in the course of my research that my flair for writing sprout into the open.

Did you encount…

Sammy the Sage

I have a friend called Sage. When I met him in 2001, he was Sammy Hassan. He writes wonderful poetry and I am yet to see any one present a better poetry performance than him.
I experienced him at the book launch of ‘War in the Sky’ by Busola Elegbede, where he performed ‘The Weather Man’.
Sage definitely brought down the house.

Judging a book by its cover

This article is culled from The Saipan Tribune

By Rik and Janel Villegas

“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression” is an adage that stresses the importance of looking sharp so that people won't think you're dull. The saying also holds true for places and things, such as buildings.

Early one Saturday morning we drove our son, Daniel, to PauPau Beach to meet with some other teenagers so they could go on a hike. As we was leaving, we looked at what used to be the vibrant La Fiesta Mall and reminisced the times my family and we would go there to eat at Tony Roma's, visit stores, and listen to the musical group that provided live entertainment on weekends. Some will remember that La Fiesta used to be the only place on Saipan where kids and adults could play in the snow and have a snowball fight because snow was flown in from Japan once a year. It was once a lively shopping mall that entertained tourists and locals, but the rapidly d…