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The Ring Thingy

i copied this from
and decided to share. i will write what i feel on this issue sometime soon.

"my friend Abiodun got married some days back and it was a beautiful day, she and her groom got their papas to spend plenty money and we all cooed over every single detail except the groom, “what is a fine looking sista like Abbe doing with him?” was the question on our minds, but spinelessly not our tongues.The groom, who apart from being just 18 years older than stylish and beautiful Abbe was peculiar, he didn’t behave as if he was getting married, didn’t smile at the bride or anyone, didn’t look longingly into the bride’s eye! Didn’t look excited!...
DIDN’T LOOK LIKE HE WAS THERE!I asked if anyone knew how they met and nobody knew, it sounded a bit odd as Abbe had always enjoyed flaunting every aspect of her life to every one of us.I was beginning to think there could be an X-FILES theory somewhere when one of my girls said,
“It’s the ring thingy you know”“What thingy?” I asked.“Buki, that’s the new virus in town, some of our friends are frenzied with it and have become harmful to chaps, while some others have taken too large a dose of the anti-virus.”“WHAT?” I asked dumbly“We all wanna get married, some of us more than the others while some don’t, don’t be surprised if some of these girls spring up creepier grooms than Abbe’s” and with that she laughed and left me gawking.I wondered what the frenzy was all about but as I looked into the faces of my girlfriends, I felt their fears, some of them had partied too hard, some had been too reclusive, some are ultramodern (like me). I don’t want the virus or thingy, but I’d like a normal ring sometime in the not-so-far-not-so-near future."