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It's Bye To 2007

I am not so glad the year is ending, because certain things refused to happen for me. That notwithstanding, I am glad it is ending, because with it goes the unpleasant sides of the year. Thinking back, I wonder, would the year have been more exciting without the unpleasanties? Maybe Yes, Maybe No.
With time, I have learnt to cherish mistakes and failures, for their abilities to teach what I never can acquire from all the books. Like Alicia Keys sang in her new album, I call them, lesson learnt.
As the year gradually raced towards these last days, there was a time I experienced serious boredom in almost everything that has anything to do with me, and toping the list was my work.
The meditations and placements of my priorities in order of importance helped me understand the reason I dragged my feet for so long, and I sought for solutions.
I am unsure if the solutions I arrived at are it, but I feel consoled and happy that once again, I can summon that boldness, I had years back, and go forward for what I want. Some of my close friends do not think I am doing the right thing, but an adventure free life is what brings boredom.
I am about to enter the world again - I vacated for a while - while I feel excited by the rush of andrenalin, I am a little scared of all the 'what ifs' that are jumping at me, trying to tame me back to being the docile one, accepting what I am given, instead of what I can give myself.
So, as I say goodbye to 2007, I remember the moments of sadness, and thank God for helping me through the dark days. I remember the broken dreams I prayed about and understood the reasons they became broken. I remember the moments of joy that helps me differentiate between my wants and my needs, and I thank God for bringing me back on track, telling me never to forget to ask his opinion again, before venturing out, and with that, I am telling 2008 to bring it on. I am ready! By His Grace!