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New Year, New Friend

It must be a sign of new beginning for many good things to come this year. Last Friday, I was on my popular mode of transportation in Ikeja - Okada- when my phone rang and it was a Tolu on the phone. I could barely hear her, so I told her to call in another twenty minutes. Before she hung up, she asked my name and I told her, and confirmed she was calling from her office.
The first thing that came to my mind was that it was a call for a job interview, either for me, or my brother, because it's a number I don't give out at all. So I called my brother and asked if he submitted my CV anywhere. He said yes. Is the starcomms number included? he said yes. what if the call is for you? I asked after explaining the call. he told me what to say and I returned the call to Tolu.
It wasn't for a job, and I wasn't dissapointed because I'm not looking for one. Am I? She saw my number in her phone and wondered. I collected her number, crosschecked it in my starcomms phonebook, zero …