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New Year, New Friend

It must be a sign of new beginning for many good things to come this year. Last Friday, I was on my popular mode of transportation in Ikeja - Okada- when my phone rang and it was a Tolu on the phone. I could barely hear her, so I told her to call in another twenty minutes. Before she hung up, she asked my name and I told her, and confirmed she was calling from her office.
The first thing that came to my mind was that it was a call for a job interview, either for me, or my brother, because it's a number I don't give out at all. So I called my brother and asked if he submitted my CV anywhere. He said yes. Is the starcomms number included? he said yes. what if the call is for you? I asked after explaining the call. he told me what to say and I returned the call to Tolu.
It wasn't for a job, and I wasn't dissapointed because I'm not looking for one. Am I? She saw my number in her phone and wondered. I collected her number, crosschecked it in my starcomms phonebook, zero match, so I called and told her so. I asked if she knew my brother. she said no. So somehow, my very private number got into her phone.
We laughed over it and said goodbye.
Then I did something I have never done before. I called her yesterday to chat.
I opened with, I thought your call was to invite me for a job interview. She was sorry to disappoint me, but I told her it wasn't for me. I am not looking for a job. You have one? she asked. Yes and no, I said, because I am resigning. Where are you headed? she asked. Nowhere. Just tired and bored of routine and want to relax for a while. I told her. She was stunned. We talked about little things people just meeting talk about, how the weekend went and first sunday in church, and I ended promising to attend her church, Daystar, sometime soon, since another friend has been inviting me. When she asked about my church, I said Catholic, though I went to Redeemed that day (I have been going to Redeemed since December, since moving temporaly to Opebi and I do enjoy it. No I will not dump my Catholic. Till death do us part). I told her I was anxious to attend her church because of the carry bag they give first time comers to the church. Saw the bag at my friend's place and loved it. Very naughty reason to go to a church. I know.
Anyway, I got a new friend. Me who doesn't make friends easily, made one. Good move Uzezi. If I continue this way, I will have quite a number to buy my aso-obi for my wedding when the time comes. As for buying my books, frieds, always want it free. LOL.