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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just A Baby

check. the most beautiful baby in the whole wide world.

When I was little,

• I used to wonder if adults took off their clothes in the bathroom, before taking a bath.
• I wondered why I was born to be little and not as an already grown adult so I could do all the things adults do.
• I had great imaginations. I told a story of the creation before the creation of the world, when there was wind, one hand was blown here, another wind brought another hand, then a leg, another leg, finally a body, then God was made.
• I believed NEPA lived in the ceiling.
• I used to breastfeed my doll and make a face as though she bit my nipples, like I see nursing mothers do.


  1. Wow! Girl, is that you when you were young? God! Reminds me of my pic when i was in kindergarten.

    You looked cute! I mean the person in that pic.

  2. theres a stubborn look to that picture.

  3. @ jaybabe - thanks darling. I think I looked cute too.

  4. @ sprezatura - leave it for u to see what no other can c. stubborn eh!

  5. awww, cute!
    and i hate to admit but i totured my lil dolls with my breast which...ouch.embarassing.
    and why on earth would you think adults have their bath with clothes on? lol

  6. @ fantasy girl - thanks for stopping by. Tortured them? understand.

    ever used the back of ur door as blackboard and use the ruler on the dolls when they couldn't read from the board?

  7. lol....

    Great pic.

    I remember growing up, my baby sister (who has the IQ of an Einestein) wanted to be a butterfly and then she wanted to be a chair when she grows up.


    I still tease her about it till now.

  8. You did what!!??
    Breast fed your doll??!! (shaking my head)
    And you are not even the only one! Fantasy Queen concurs.
    Double dang!!

  9. hehee cuteieee

    very imaginative baby,funy

  10. there's a determination in those 'old' eyes

  11. Well, I did not have dolls but I had lots of teddy bears and no, I did not use them for school. I used them to play "doctor". I and my sisters used to cut them up, for real, with scissors and them sew them back up again, under "operation". So all our teddy bears had patches all over them.

    For school, I used my mother's flowers...hibiscus and those other red ones...the red ones that had "coke" in them... I used to flog the hell out of those flowers!

  12. @ pamela - wanted to be a chair? wow!

    @ tobenna - of course I did! Didn't u do something crazy as a child?

    @ fresh and fab - I was really imaginative.

    @jinta - still very determined.

    @waffarian - lol. u were one of those doctors heh!

  13. hehehe, u are a trip gal,
    ..breat feeding ur baby doll and making a face as if u ve been beaten? wonder where u got that from..hehehe,
    that means u actually grew up b4 growing up just like ( borrowed phrase)

  14. @ ms. emmotions. u r right. I actually grew up b4 I grew up. where I got that face from? I see women when they breast feed. They make it look as if they get bitten all the time.

  15. "I used to breastfeed my doll and make a face as though she bit my nipples, like I see nursing mothers do." too funny! ..nice baby pic

  16. Childhood innocence is just the bomb...lol @ u closing ur eyes in imagined pain

  17. @ chioma - thanks luv

    @ afrobabe - yeah. i could imagine lots of things.

  18. i guess i should have read this before i posted above up there somewhere...so it is you!!!...i love this pic...such a cute little wonder...

    ...dying at breastfeeding and making face at bit nipple...kai, children sabe copy o...and the things they copy...lol...

    ...lmao @ waffarian and sis operating on teddy bears!!!...omiGod!!!...the poor teddy bears...kai...i wonder if they gave anesthesia...

    ...i'm leaving so i don't die of laughter o!!...

  19. @ guerreiranigeriana - abeg no die of laughter. I am sure there are things u did as a child that will crack us up. I have the only copy of that pix left and my kids must see it.

  20. You were a cutie!And u looked gentle too...hope life hasnt stolen the 'gentleness' or should i say gentility?

  21. cute!
    lmao @ I used to breastfeed my doll and make a face as though she bit my nipples, like I see nursing mothers do"..........too funny!!!