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Finally I Walked Away

I have been saying I will, I will, since last year. Then finally like Brandy in that her 'Finally' song, I did the same. But while the R&B singer was singing about walking away from an abusive relationship, I am talking about walking away from my job that has been my only source of income for almost three years.

Yes. It is certified, I am so indeed, crazy. But I did it and I don't regret it. NOT even the fact that I am so cashless, totally broke changes the fact.

Before I walked, the rumour had already gone round the newpaper house that Uzezi has left. While some said I have resigned, others said I have started work elsewhere as if they are the ones that gave me the employment, others still, said I left to get married, then others reasonable said, I left to return to school.

Because through out January, I didn't work, they assumed I was gone, whereas, I was struggling to stay alive.

A day to the day I was to resume work, a Sunday, I went to the office to re familiarize myself with the environment, but I didn't feel it.

On Monday, Feb 4, I went to work, attended the editorial meeting of my desk and after the meeting, made up my mind I was leaving.

When I announced on Fed 7, that I had resigned, some where like, 'I knew it'. Most wanted to know where I was going, I said nowhere and I could tell no one believed that, becasue it would be crazy to leave your job for the unknown. But I am crazy, and I did leave my job for the sooo scarrrry unknown which I have been planning for almost two years.

I spoke with my bosses and they all had kind words for me. My publisher and eidtor gave me good advice and I was glad. It was even made better when I was told anytime at all, if I feel the need to return, I will have a job. Ain't that great. But me know says, me no dey go back there. Got to move on and forward right?

Outside my former office, on my way home, I looked heavenwards and said. 'I did it Lord, now You really have to rescue me because right now, I am approaching that point where there will be no turning back, so let's do it.'

I have a passion to pursue and while I know it will succeed, the preparation and planning is driving me bunkers with confusion. But, no, I won't be walking away from this new path, anytime soon.