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Tuesday, February 12, 2008


It is appointed unto man to suffer chicken pox once in a lifetime, after that, no more.

I am screaming and this is not funny. How come I woke up today to discover that I am coming down with chickenpox at my age! Spoke with my dad on the phone to confirm if what I had was chickenpox. I asked if I had it as a child and he said no! Why the hell not? WHY NOT as a child???

They are not much yet, but I itch like hell. What will happen when they start puting to bed? And when they are through with me, hope they will take the spots away, because I scare to think about it! My skin oh oh oh oh. My Face! Sweet Jesus. WHY ME???


  1. you poor thing.. you got the pox?!?!? i don't envy you AT ALL.. got the pox back when I was a wee lad.. good thing, too: the whole idea of scratching around like a dog at my age just aint going to happen!! :-)

    Thanks for stopping by me blog..

  2. mennnnn you have just scared the living day lights out of me cos I also didn't have it as a child...

  3. EYA! poor you, why you self no catch the thing when you small? when i had mine, i used to apply palmwine on it during the day and calamine lotion at night plus have my bathe with tetmosol but honestly i dont know what would work for you sha....you'd be fine dont worry

  4. @ aworan
    the itchin was hell. had to cut my nails all cos as i scratch, i injure myself, but im getting better now. Thanks.

    @ afrobabe
    u just might not get it as long as u dont come in contact with someone who has it. but u still might from ur kids if they get it from friends or school. its a kid 2 year old that got it from school to share for us.

    @ sasuke
    i no know oh. i asked my dad why i wasnt exposed to it when it was rampant then. you know, put me in the midst of kids with it.
    anyway, got tura and palmwine and calamine lotion and some drugs.