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Monday, February 25, 2008

So Embarrassing

I have missed church and fellowshipping among the children of God in God’s presence.

Yesterday, I was ready on time, though we got to church late, we were in time for the sermon.

When the pastor came out and told us we had a visiting pastor who would minister to us, I frowned, cos I always like any sermon from my pastor.

So the big shot is the zonal pastor from Ikeja and he immediately led us into prayers that were REALLY uplifting, and I apologized to God for almost not accepting His representative. The sermon was about the Hands of God.
Pray for the Hands of God to lift you out of the island of loneliness, of poverty, of failure, of blah, blah, blah …. Because when the hands of God are upon your life, you cannot go wrong. And we were given bible verses to support the mighty Hands of Gods.

To cut a story short, I enjoyed everything, until the last few minutes before the visiting pastor left.
“Is brother Lekan here?” he asked. “Please come forward.” Then he said something that made me think brother Lekan was about to be rewarded for something, because when brother Lekan passed by, I saw this surprised look on his face.

But how wrong I was, or maybe not so wrong. Definitely surprised was I that I was so embarrassed, I couldn’t lift up my head anymore, and definitely not to look at him when the pastor asked him to return to his seat.

The pastor said, brother Lekan is a worker in the church. He transgressed and has to be punished. So he was demoted, and transferred to the zonal pastor’s church where the pastor could keep a close eye on him.

What! We weren’t told what he did, but the bottom line was that he did something that a Christian isn’t supposed to do and was brought before the congregation. We were asked to pray for him, and pray for the Hand of God to take charge of his life.

My heart went out to him. I was confused. I have been enjoying God like never before then this has to happen? Does it mean that what the church has come to is spreading out our dirty laundries in public?

Doesn’t the verse, ‘he who is without sin cast the first stone’ apply in churches? If he sinned, and that sin is known to a few, is it right to bring it in public? What is the lesson? That if you sin and get caught, you will also be brought out for all to see?

I really don’t know. For some months now, I have been enjoying these worships and thinking that I was probably moved in this direction to experience something entirely different from what I am used to as a Catholic. I have been entertaining maybe finally leaving the Catholic Church for the Pentecostal. A lot of people criticize Catholics saying why do they confess their sins to Reverend Fathers.

A while back, a sister went to her pastor for help, when she felt she was under demonic attack, and she too was brought before the congregation for fornicating, and was also demoted from being a worker in the church.

Our problems taken before God’s representatives ought to be confidential, like a patient doctor thing. If things go on like this, there will be no trust, and should one be embarrassed in church, it is a matter of changing churches right? How long can one change churches. We are all in search of love and acceptance from God and shouldn’t be made outcasts.

And this year alone, I have gone to church more times than I went through out last year, and I really think our relationship has improved.

Please God, help me. I don’t know what to think anymore. I am also a sinner. Have mercy on me. I do not want to be brought before a congregation if caught in the act of sin.


  1. wow! really embarrassing. imagin how the guy will feel! For me, won't step in there ever again.

  2. Oh girl, sorry to say, but I do not get all those pentecostal churches....in fact, I don't get a lot of churches and I hate hypocrisy.

    I have a personal relationship with God and I try to grow everyday.

    I am a catholic, although I do not go to church every sunday.

    However, nothing will make me enter a church where human beings are treated the way you described. It just does not seem right, to me.
    (na my own opinion oh! before people go begin their wahala)

  3. not too good, the congregation may find it discouraging.

    for someone like me who's just started willingly attending church within the past month, it could have dented my zeal

  4. @ eve, yeah. Let's leave judgment to Him upstairs.

    @ waffarian, I used to say that too. I have a personal relationship with God, and go when I feel like. Not bad at all. But worshipping among others is so inspiring, which is why these days, I can't wait for sunday, then THAT happened.

    @ Jinta, hope this won't kill ur zeal oh! It is all part of the imperfections everywhere. Even in churches.

  5. it reminds me of a duo that were expelt from the church for constantly ignoring the church's order for them to stop brewing burukutu. They were suspended 2ce n finally expelt. That was their source of livelyhood, there was no way they would have quit. So they gladly quit the God business

  6. @sprezatura,
    that's what pushing people to the wall does.

  7. Are u serious?

    I am Pentecostal and i know my bible says to correct in Kindness... That was not kindness... They made an example out of him (to instill fear in others) but that is not the way...

    They should have called me aside in PRIVATE...

    This is why people do go to churches..

  8. Yep...happend in the Redeemed church everyday....they even do a blood test to find out if you have aids or are pregnant...Rubbish I say..

    i will stick to the catholic church..

  9. @ allied - agree with u. they should have done that in private. save the guy the embarrassment.

    @ afrobabe - heard the order came from above in the Redeemed church. They must believe its the best way for a purpose.

  10. Uzezi, I like your faith and your stand in the face of all these. I am an advocate of Xrist Jesus and firmly believe he's the ONLY way to God. The only way we can show our love and trust to him is by obeying his words which is not to forsake the gathering of the rightoeus (church or a place wr xtains gather to worship God). Notwithstanding, evryone has their shortcomings, I for one, don't go to church every sunday...

    One thing i know is this: God admonished us not to judge his seravnts. I do not support bringing people out actually, in my experience it only makes matters worse however, because of this commandment/warning about his servants, i'd advice you to pray about it and change your church, God will direct you. In changing, don't sin (be careful with whom you discuss this and how). I have changed my church before, I prayed about it, discussed wt GOd (since we get personal rel.) and I moved on, my friends asked me why I changed and I said, it was convinvient for me, they think I meant location wise but I know what i mean. Am sure you'ld do the right thing anyway.

  11. @ Naijachic - u r right. we r not to judge. I will just do what I have to do and go where I have peace of mind. The most important thing being not to forsake my relationship with God.

  12. Most of the times the offender would have been called in private however when they persist it is brought to the public.

    Christianity according to the bible does not really permit fornication but I think people would rather the church close it's eye on some things and open it to others.

    @Allied, I have to disagree kindness does not necessarily mean private o.

  13. @ 30+ - u r right. private is what it should be.

  14. They do it in my church too (baptist) and i find it funny...but hey! what can i do?