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Monday, March 24, 2008


So I did say I got me some fake lashes that looks quite natural. Well, it's over a week now, and I'm still rocking it. Though truthfully, I am tired. There are times I want to scratch my lids, and I can't to my satisfaction. They are supposed to fall off on their own. It's over a week now, and they don't want to fall off. I will find out about lashes remover. There should be something like that.


  1. lol. eh ya sorry! they look great tho. Beauty is pain, dear! :-)

  2. they do look natural.
    rock am!
    u get liver o,
    no one puts glue near my eyes o.lol

  3. They look good. I didn't know they were not permanent or you could not rub your eyes. Now that I think about it...maybe I did know that.

  4. lol...they won't fall off huh?!...haha...i want the other pic back!!!..this is nice and all but i really like the other one...thanks...;)

  5. LOL. pele o! I'v always wanted to fix my lashes as well but i'v never gotten around to it. Your hairl looks nice.

  6. @ For the love of me - thanks.

    @ Simi Speaks - so i heard.

    @ Ms Sula - thanks.

    @ Sherri - look natural they do. just try it, u will be surprised. the bond is different from the one used for hair extensions.

    @ Brittany_83 - if u rub too hard, u hurt your eye.

    @ guerreiranigeriana - come on. me like this pix better. Will change it in some weeks though.

    @ doll - thanks. Hope ur easter break was swell.

  7. I just spent the last hour reading through your posts and smiling at the courage that underpins your actions. I bet it doesn't hurt that you are gentle on the eyes.

    Wishing you good fortune in all you do!

  8. Nice lashes.
    Why u come tire for the thing na?
    Still rock it some more girl.

    How was ur easter?

  9. They do appear natural. I can't really tell the difference. They look good.

  10. Your lashes are so pretty. I always wanted to try fake lashes. You are making me want to revisit the idea!!!

  11. Wow! Those are so pretty! I always wanted to try fake lashed and you are making me want to revisit the idea!

  12. fantastico!!!!!!!

    u luk burriful

  13. lol..pele...no pain no gain or should i say no suffer no gain. They look cute though.just leave them on till they fall off.

  14. @ Naapali - thanks a lot. and for stopping by also.

    @ princesa - Easter was fine. Will enjoy the lashes more. But I know now that I'm started, I will do the lashes thing again and again.

    @ Don - yeah. Thanks.

    @ MP - thanks. try it.

    @Fresh and Fab - don't I? I think so.

    @ Arewa - shakara no dey pain. true.

  15. hhahahahahahahaha......ekun gbadun...tanx for da easter wishes dear..glad u grooved!!!

  16. hehehehe...they do look nice!

    i feel the same when i wear fake nails.... which has only been twice in my life. hehehehe

  17. somehow i've never fixed the lashes all though i've always wanted to like i wanted the tatoo and the piercings and the...
    okay piont is yours doesnt look so annoyingly fake like i see around.

    plus you're cutey cute!

  18. Lol it looks really nice. Girl don't put no lashes remover on it b4 u go blind, mistakes happen. Just wait until it falls off.

  19. "There are times I want to scratch my lids, and I can't to my satisfaction..."
    a friend calls it "the price of beauty.."

  20. Call me a cave man but im wondering when eyelashes became an object of beauty, the freaking thing is there for some biological purpose and truthfuly i disagree with everyone here, stop plastic, do real. You are always beautiful, natural.

  21. you are stuck with them!!!

    you look cute though...

  22. @ Onome - i tried oh, my sister.

    @ aloted - now, fake nails is what i can never do seriously.

    @ fantasy queen - piercings. go for it girl. what part of ur body?

    @ Kafo - yeah

    @ DL - I haven't gotten used to them now. no remover at all.

    @ webround - lol

    @ sprezatura - yeah, cave man.

  23. hehehe,

    them lashes looks natural to me,
    i had to laugh at ur being tired and searching for remover, lol

  24. You have a very good facial bone structure.

  25. i Love it.. i swear from far i thought ur picture was of genevieve nnaji.. ur gorgeous this babe... Love the lashes.. ive actually thought about doing this once or twice in recent months as i only wear lipgloss... and even that sparingly... maybe i'll do it for the wedding i have coming up in a little over a week.. lol..

  26. I cant imagine how the false lashes stay on. I expect they will be uncomfortable but nyanga na pain sha..

  27. ever tried turpentine to remove the lashes? lol

  28. nice, they fit u oh, it brings out ure face

  29. They look good, fit you. brings out ure face

  30. oya, as I read your comment about your lashes scratching you - mine began to itch as well. :-(

  31. LMAO...na u wanna take it off.

    endure am jare, yanga dey pain.

  32. lol!! pele hon. they look beaurriful though :)

  33. @ Afrobabe - Im so suck, but im used to them now.

    @ Ms. emmotions - yeah

    @ Doja - thanks. U ve eyes.

    @ Overwhelmed Naija Babe - hehehe. genevieve? thanks sha.

    @ 'Yar Mama - no be small. they stay on with glue.

    @ Jinta - i always knew u liked me. Turpentine?

    @ AkaniZZle - thanks jo

    @ pamela - lol

    @ soupasexy - hey. how do i acees ur blog without all my windows shutting down?

    @ Honeywell - thanks hon

  34. Got ur comment on my blog. I quickly ran here to see whether u've got a yahoo acct. I didnt see anything. If u've got one, it might be great to have it. I just love this blog ;)

  35. You need to put up another post that shows how to put on the eye lashes o...

    teach me now

  36. @ AlooFar - its already there. the contact. thanks.

    @ Olamild - i will take a pix the next time im doing lashes again.

  37. thats kinda weird, no one has had any problems with it and i didnt restrict it too...just try again, maybe it was just for that time:0)

  38. Yup they were fixed on really well and look real .. To be honest I cant even make enough effort to do a weave-on so fake lashes would be pushing it 4 me. Might consider them for a special occassion or something , but day in day out ?...too mch wahala

  39. beautiful, never did one, didn't know it will be taht painful but we get used to it...just like picking/tweezing the lashes....its all fashion and we're women...

  40. na wa o!!!!
    no SCARE ur hubby on ur wedding night o!!!
    with lashes dropping around
    antyways if its still itching ,
    mi claws (sharp and blood thirsty)
    will do the job
    u SCARED yet?
    abeg no mind me , i no know wetin to talk...
    my head dey pain me o!!!

  41. are the lashes still holding up?

  42. Uzezi, d lashes look reli natural please rock them, n aspa scratching ur lids, dr is a price 2 pay 4 beauty. lol.

  43. O girl d picsho fine joo. No worry, as people don talk, nyanga dey pain...
    So try carry am till e fall, but take style dey watch yaself oh, make e no go fall for public. :)

    And thanks for commenting. I am surely retaliating...:D

  44. They do look nice and natural.

    How long is suppose to last before it comes off?

  45. @ soupasexy - i tried it again, and my windows just disappear. I think u should give me ur blog add (url) so i can just type it in.

    @ Unmodern - no weavon? really. hah! special occasion, yes.

    @Naijachic - its not painful, once u get used to the idea that while its been fixed, u dont blink, then u r home free, and without red eyes. now that tweezers stuff, i no fit at all.

    @ bllk wolf - lol. where he wan run go?

    @ Doja - yes oh. still rocking them. infact, they have become a part of me. should they fall off now, i go go do another one quick.

    @ OluwaDee - thanks dear.

    @ archiwiz - yanga dey pain. seriously.

    @ 30+ - thanks luv. it last a while. at least is two weeks, if it is properly done. mine is in its thrid week now.

  46. i never done tha fake eyelash thing b4!pele dear

  47. sorry girl 4 that maybe its cos of the sexy in the name, if u r trying it @ work, might be a lil pro...someone else complained abt that.but the url is


    i hope it works, cos i want u to check me out ok if it dosent i might have to change the name for u.:0)

  48. are you waiting for the lashes to fall off before updating?lol

    common will you UPDATE!


  50. fine girl na wa oh! you just want wound man pikin...about the lashes i aint a Q tip so i can't really help with that.

    how are you doing

    Arsenal 4 life dear


  52. You know fake lashes do add to a person's beauty...no doubt. I've never had any but I remember back in 2005 when my friend was getting married she had some fixed. By the time all the excitement of the wedding overwhelmed her and she had tears in her eyes, one of the lashes dropped. It wasn't funny cos it was quite visible in most of her photos. lol!

  53. Really really nice, me likes. I hear Asian women fix them nice, i'll go try.

    I can understand your irritation with them, i touch my eyes a lotttt...

    Try and manage, they r so cute.

  54. i heard fixing them is another story entirely

    but its really beautiful. cant ris it though..lol

  55. @ Pink-satin - try and do it. its nice.

    @ soupasexy - it worked. I came and i saw. thanks.

    @ fantasy queen - i was actually waiting for that oh!. lol.

    @ Jaybabe - thanks darling/

    @ Sasuke - no wounding at all. Im good.

    @ Naija Chickito - thanks.

    @ Ollay - very funny. why didnt she just take it off or trim it?

    @ Omosewa - try it please.

    @ The Last King Of Scotland - thanks.

    @ darkelcee - u should try it.

  56. lol im not one for fake lashes but you looks soo pretty so...U GO GIRL! lol

  57. It's actually quite cute.

  58. Maybe I'm wrong oh....
    But something else in this pic looks fake?

  59. @ uNWrItten* - thanks.

    @ Abbie - thanks

    @ tobenna - na u know o!

  60. I read your comment about your lashes scratching you - mine began to itch as ..

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