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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My Sister And I

My fourteen year old sister is almost driving me bunkers. I have no idea if what is happening is normal among sisters, because I never had an elder sister.

At fourteen, she is almost as tall as I am, 5’7``, and my clothes; tops and jeans, would fit her, although not so perfectly.

It began when I left home. Whenever I went back for a visit, I noticed that my sister who is going to be taller than me no doubt, and soon would look down on my head while I’m talking to her, has taken over some of my clothes. And I am still alive, and my stuffs are being taken over. First, it used to be my precious books that she and my almost sixteen year old brother, would give out as gifts to whomever they discover reads books, because their big sister has lots of books. You can imagine me outdoors, noticing someone, walking around or sitting down with an ‘Uzezi’ (When ever I buy a new book, I design it with my name at a corner, and most times, seeing all those books bear my name, make me so happy like the most prolific mother in the whole world).

Someone I had never met had actually come over to make a proposition for one of my Steven Kings. I said I don’t sell books. He said he knows, that he is a collector of Steven King, and the one I have is the only one he doesn’t have, and was surprised when my brother told him I had the big King bible, and he has searched everywhere for it. Where did I get it? Really? I ended up borrowing him to read and threatened to have my kid brother’s head, if I don’t get the book back. It came back thankfully, with some obvious surgery having taken place, because while the book was with me, it had no reason to go into intensive care and come out with stitches of cello-tape. From their giving out of my books, they entered my CDs and DVDs, because they soon realized that when one book misses from my shelf, I notice, because I know how I arrange my stuffs. I had even locked two of them once, outside, till I get my missing books. I think I got some back.

Anyway, I digress. So she was looking chic in my clothes, and I screamed and all that; ‘you can’t take what does not belong to you! It’s stealing. If you try it again, bla, bla, bla.’

Another visit, I noticed the same thing. I never announce when I’m coming, so she never had the time to hide the clothes. I would scream, my mum would scream, but apparently, her ears have a life of their own, and she will do it again.

I buy her clothes, I even pass some of mine down to her that always make her the envy of her friends. At fourteen, I wasn’t into fashion and stuff, but this babe knows more than me. Even the handbags I gave her, I can swear she doesn’t have one of them left.

The last time this happened, I couldn’t scream. I started to think it is probably what younger sisters do with their big sisters’ stuffs, because I have reasons to believe she is experimenting with some makeup I left behind. All my threats of don’t make me so angry I will take a harsh decision towards you are very empty. I know that. What will I do? Not buy her stuff or pass some down to her? I know I will always do that, she is my sister. But she should have more respect for my stuffs now. Abi?

Talked with a friend and she can’t tell me what to do, cause she is an only daughter. Another friend says she and her sisters – they are all closer in age – wore each other’s stuffs all through their growing up days.
Now really, what do I do? Those of you female bloggers with younger sisters, or big sisters? Is this a normal thing among sisters?

I cannot put a restriction stopping her from entering the room, cause when its empty, it cries to be visited. I believe that even when I was putting a new lock on the door to save my last books, they might have been thinking I am only wasting my time.

I will start wearing all my clothes at once oh! Because once she takes over any, I can’t wear it anymore, before all those her friends that call me aunty will start smirking that I am wearing my younger sister’s clothes. Maybe I really should just thank my stars that we don’t wear same size of shoes. For now, she deals with mumsie’s own. I adore my heels, although I know she did something real terrible to one of my favs. I mean, who else would have done it? My mum won’t wear such heels, and my eleven year old sister who could have been a suspect, cause of the size she wears, is out of town.

Anyway, I just don’t know. I better don’t lose it.


  1. Heeeeheeeheeee!! Haaaahaahaaa! (laughing at you by the way) I am not surprised. Remember when I used to tell you about how my sweetpainfastmouthcovenantgoing lil' sista Ronke was messing with my things and you used to say " that your sista na wa o" and you use to have this look on your face that said "it can't happen to me". Well, I Welcome you to the club of harrased older sistas, solution? Shrink her!

  2. Uzezi I grew up with 5 sisters ( 2 elder sisters and 3 junior ones) and one brother, we quarrel tire! it was a mad house! It is normal!

  3. lolllll

    i dont have any sister so i cant help you.

    i am the last child in my house (and lineage for now cos my nieces are still very young)

    i think you should share.....lollll what else do you think i'll say?

  4. a friend went through the same process with the kid sister.

  5. awwww!she's just been a younger sister!

  6. as far as am concerned this is no problem at all,

    sistas? they canbe such a pest !
    but u will be fine , that i know

    cheers dear

  7. Lol...i dont have a sis sef, so i envy you. I wonder how it feels like...lol..

  8. @ Buki - ok. I don hear now. thank u ok?

    @ Doja - this normal thing is not sweet oh!

    @ darkelcee - i can't say i really envy you. and i knew you would say i should share.

    @ webround - tell me about it.

    @ Pink-satin - then i envy her position. really.

    @ Ms. emmotions - that is the word. pest.

    @ Jaybabe - it feels like everything you can think of.

  9. Hahahhahaha, same thing happened to me and I was always away at school…she was home…took over my cloths,grew taller than me and gave away all my books and had the guts to say “But you have read them all now”

    and yes I thank God everyday we aren't the same shoe size cos she wears all shoes like they are boots....no respect for them al all...my shoes that I almost cuddle..

  10. BIG SIS HOW FAR NOOOOOOOWWWW!!! SHOOOOOOOO!!!! make the poor girl enjoy nooooowwww. which levelssssss?

    Uzezi sorry oh! its not easy to be a big sister i mean if you were in her position you probably would do the same. its all love dear plus there is also the added bonus that your sister believes she would look good in your clothes cause they look good on you.FYNE GIRL!!!

    men i remember while growing up (i am the last by the way) i used to rock the hell out of my brothers and sisters (their male baffs oh! i dont cross dress)and it felt good.

    if she no wear am who go come wear am.lol

  11. My sister just turned 17 and yes it is perfectly normal! Whenever I went home, I use to have to monitor my suitcase because that girl had some fapping skills. When she was in boarding school, she would take little stuff like my flip flops and ish. Then it became my lipgloss and beauty products. We dont wear the same clothes size but she still faps my shirts or begs for them sha. She said this weekend that she wishes we were the same size cuz all my clothes would be missing. Oh and when I went home last weekend, I was looking for my black heels and I knew they were missing cuz I only took one pair of heels home and after I looked for a while, she told me it was hidden in her closet. I had already 'dashed' her my red Aldo heels 24 hours b4 oh! Thats how they do jare...her medicine is I fap her own stuff now, so tit for tat. Now she always asks me sha, so ur sister will outgrow it, I promise.
    Oh and my sister is an inch taller than me now too:-)

  12. mehnnnn.. im the last child of my parents. i "inherited" some clothes from my elder sisters but it didnt get to the point of wearing them without asking.

  13. I still do the same to my older sister even at my old age. I go to her place and pack her deigner bags, me I can't spend such money on bags but since she can, its only fair for her to share with her only sister, no? So don't worry, its all part of being a family.
    Of course she screams like you but na only scream you fit screamoooo.
    The good side though is as she grows your tastes may start to differ then she would leave your things alone.
    All da best.

  14. I love books too. I ask how my books are doing back home whenever I call. I'm having some roommate woes at the moment -- luckily, they haven't extended to clothes...

  15. u have solved it. put all your clothes on at once. that way she can't tosh them!

  16. I never really had this problem with my sister. We had two completely different styles.

  17. different strokes....
    my sista u need 2 c my lil'sis, na me dey beg her to even wear my clothes, she b proper effico n u know how dem be, to retouch her hair- u go beg her, to fix weavon- u go beg her, to wear trouser- u go dey beg her till next year, to get boyfriend nko... dat one na anoda tory, so maybe i fit borrow u, how e go be

  18. @ Afrobabe - imagine what they say to you? “But you have read them all now” slap their mouth. Never mess with the footwears. Thank God jare.

    @ Sasuke - that kind love dey pain small. hopefully, ur nephews and nieces will show u how it feels.

    @ NigerianDramaQueen - just dont mind these children. u give them one, they are eyeing another.

    @ Naija Idol - lucky you. that is it. ask and it shall be given unto you.

    @ For the love of me - u can't spend such money, but u can carry the bags, that's so not fair. can't wait for her to groe and develop her own taste.

    @ azuka - i cherish my book. far from home, i hate to think of what is happening to my books. They are my kids.

    @ Naapali - lol.

    @ Brittany - lucky you

    @ ladyguide - really different strokes. i sure say my sista know pass me at her young age.

  19. Uzezi deariee, it is normal oh.
    Dnt kill urslf, just take ur most coveted items with u where evr u go.

    Am nt an expert oh, but I hv cousins (no sisters) & I do it 2 them n they 2 me.

  20. lol...children of nowadays.

    my niece is just 17 and already a 6+ footer towering over her 5.4 aunt who is 10 yrs older , thank God she wears a shoe size 40 or else i for de trouble. I always stress on not nearing my wardrobe alone unless she wants immediate death! lol

    anyways i end up giving her my clothes as this is her time to shine.

    don't worry you'll get used to it.

  21. just one sister is harassing your clothes and books and you are screaming heavens down, wait till the 11 year old gets as big.A solution, try wearing only Iro and Buba im very certain a 14 year old wont want that

  22. Lmao, thats what siblings are for babe, they make life all the more fun. I undestand what you mean by not being able to wear the things again, or when it gets posted on facebook,lmao, o pari, its gone forever. At 14, your sis has started shakara, thats serious o...lol, omalicha 1 of Nigeria.

    Found some more webbies, abt to update the list...have a nice weekend.

  23. lol!
    i can sure relate! not little sister, my friends!
    imagine complimenting ur girl on her shoes only for her to inform u the're urs.

    sometimes i wish i had a little sister, even tho, i wud have killed the little bugga. lol

  24. @ OluwaDee - i wont kill myself.

    @ Bunmmy - i always wonder why the younger ones have to be taller? that is what i see alot these days.

    @ sprezatura - ha, by the time the others start, i don run.

    @ Omosewa - the shakara is just too much at 14. nice weekend too dearie.

    @ Sherri - so u no recognise ur own shoe? u funny.

  25. Loool.. so sori bout ur siblingz!
    My lil sis is 13 and quite the same actually!
    I think its normal but i also think its sumthin dat needz to be dealt with it..
    My sister alwayz did it wen i was away at skul and she still doez wen i'm not at home 4awhile.. but i started locking my wardrobez and makin it clear to her that "if she asks.. it will be given."
    But still its probably just a phase.. she may visualise as sum kinda of idol and may want to be lyk u.. take it eazi and try to get thru it without goin insane!

  26. Heheheheh. I am the eldest of three girls. Growing up, the two of them used to wear all my stuff, anything they could get their hands on.
    Now that we are women, we still take stuff from each other, ear rings, perfumes, bags, shoes. Anything goes! Get used to it. Hhehehehehe

  27. girl! u don't know about my shoes o.lol

  28. i have two younger sisters...tis very normal o!!!...just the other day, my youngest sister emerged downstairs with a purple dress i had been searching endlessly for and had the nerve to fix mouth and tell me that my mother had given it to her...even as my mother told her that the dress indeed was mine, she smiled and continued that the dress was her own...

    ...in fact, i even sometimes indulge in the wearing of my youngest sister's clothes (she has a lot and is highly fashionable...i usually buy more timeless pieces so i look to her closet for the trendy pieces)...start borrowing her clothes when you come home, especially those she really likes...even better if you wear it around the house only...that may diminish some of her borrowing as she will see how it feels...or not...but, tis normal indeed...

    ...if you decide to wear all your clothes at once, let me know how that goes:)...hahaha...i just had my mom ship my clothes when i moved...

  29. Hahaha...pele...did the same to my brother...it was fun. Since i dont have any younger brother, my cousins did the same thg to me...although i rake for them sometimes but i kinda enjoy giving them things...as big bros na

  30. How will your LiL' Sis feel when/if she reads this post.

    LoL... "my sister who is going to be taller than me no doubt, and soon would look down on my head while I’m talking to her"

  31. @ Mz. Dee - cant wait 4 the phase 2 pass. i no go mental

    @ Waffarian - im trying to

    @ Sherri - lol

    @ guerreiranigeriana - lol @ mummy gave her. mine will look me in the eyes and tell me i gave her. i cant wear hers oh. maybe whe she is olde and earning money and buying for herself. im looking forward to that time.

    @ ablackjamesbond - u r one of them!

    @ AlooFar - if she reads this n see the comments, she will take over everything i own, including my life! she will be happy that she is popular

  32. sorry dear, there's absolutely nothing you can do abt it..so just accept it..i have a younger sis and i know..i'm kinda lucky she's not as fashionable as me so that's how i still save some of my stuff. but once they like something..that's it.

  33. My older sister (just by about a year) will have some stories to tell you. LOL! There is something attractive about things that are not your own and yet are so cool...

  34. Well i dont have a sister so i no fit help u. But from what i hear from friends with sisters what you are experiencing is normal, its not easy being a big sister.

  35. Paased by, checking for an update. How you dey?

  36. @ SOLOMONSYDELLE - yeah

    @ soupasexy - u r lucky. let's hope her taste doesn't change

    @ In my head and around me - lol@ There is something attractive about things that are not your own and yet are so cool...
    u r right

    @ dat one okrika girl...xyz - not easy at all

    @ Jaybabe - soon darlin

  37. i thin its a normal process. I dont have any sister but growing up, i wished to death i did...iv outgrown that...but really, induldge her jore...just pack stuff that are like "really off limit" before you leave home

  38. Your story reminds me of the story my mum told me about her and her older sister. Its like some sort of rivalry going on there. She will pass clothes down to my mum and the minute my mum wears them and looks good in them, she takes them back and triesto fit into clothes that are no longer are size. You need to work on how you can get on cos she's your sis and as they say blood is thicker than water. My mum and her sister didnt work on theirs and now they are just like unspoken enemies...

  39. I used to have that same probnlem with my second brother and my T-shirts!

    I bought one big padlock for my box and my room. Maybe you should try that,lol!

  40. LOL

    Well for me it's the other way round. Anytime I go to my younger sis, it is not uncommon for her top to disappear, especially top, make up.

    In my defence, the girl has taste.

  41. hmmm me i dunno which of ur two blogs i should go first. lol. just stopped by and felt like makin my presence known.

  42. my younger sister is 13 years younger than i, so nothing dey concern her with my clothes. me & my elder sister were raised as mates, & na so so fight fight we do. i no for make mistake near her clothes. na death, guaranteed o. So, sorry can't help u there

    pele. endure. na so my mama suffered 4rm me until i began to buy my own clothes & den those hers were no longer good enough. now if she 'dashes' me her things, i said no thank u. who knew we'd come 2 this stage!

  43. Its perfectly normal for sisters to do that to each other. Just pray that she grows up very quickly and that your tastes in clothes change over time.

    Otherwise, start investing in heavy george wrapper and blouse. Or better still, ankara.

  44. that's what younger sisters do, my dear. the sooner u accept it, the better....NOT!
    my sister is a year younger, same size and all. we could pass for twins.
    Everytime I go to naija and come back, a lot of my favourite tops are missing! I warned her that if she does that, I wont buy her anything. She knows I can do it, so now she asks and guilt trips me till i give her. I don't even mind that one, but dont steal my stuff!
    My last saving grace is that our style is different. She is more conservative and I'm more daring.

  45. @ doll - nice advice. thanks.

    @ Ollay - now u got me thinking.

    @ princesa - padlock my boxes. yes.

    @ 30+ - lol.

    @ Naija Idol - welcome then.

    @ Free-flowing Florida - lol @ u and ur mum.

    @ N.I.M.M.O - na wrapper level. thanks.

    @ bumight - yeah. let her ask and guilt trip me. i will like that.

  46. I'm the youngest of 5 girls so 1st hand its normal! I was a chief fappist as in I used to fap my sis stuffs- shoes, clothes even perfumes!!! it was hilarious and I enjoyed it...they never really fapped mine, usually asked me which was very rare sef. When they grew older, they started buying me baffs and make up so I reduced fapping then I have stopped now as they are all married, I now ask but takes it *mistakenly* once in a while, its fun i swear and there's no escaping, ur in this to finish it! I luv ur sis, just like me!

  47. mehn, you are even calm. i would've broken her head by now! well, i don't have a sis, but i do know i don't like people touching my stuff without asking.... even sometimes with asking, i dont like it.... i would suggest locking your room, but apparently that hasn't worked... have you tried hiding the stuff that are really precious to you somewhere else in the house?

  48. @ Naijachic - lucky u. u right, she's just like u.

    @ Honeywell - even hiding doesn't work. The kids in that house are like Big Brother. always watching

  49. lolllll ....sibling love

  50. lucky, cos as a family, we didn't wear each other's stuff - too fiercely independent, all of us

    update nah. are you waiting for the comments to reach 100? (sounds familiar?)

  51. @ Doja - alright

    @ ablackjamesbond - soon

    @ Jem - yeah

    @ Jinta - actually, its 50 comments i target now, but e don dey pass

  52. I have 3 younger sisters and yes it's perfectly normal...

    I actually like that they covet my stuff to the point of wanting to steal it... We are not the same clothes size but everything else goes: shoes, bags, accessories, perfumes... Everything.

    I missed it them when I left home about 10 years ago... But now, I'm living with another one... and let me just say, there are earrings I can no longer wear because the lady has posed in them all over Facebook sha! Lol!

    That's what lil sisters do...

    Just this morning I told her to keep this new bottle of perfume I got because I was tired of her sneaking in my room (and waking me up!) at 7am every morning...

    It's ok.. You're the big sis. :)

  53. i thank God say no be only me wey dey got thru the same wahala,

    lol there is nothing u can do until u leave the house, my sister is like dat too, she's 15 going on 50, taller than I am with a serious attitude problem, before she beat me.

  54. glad to be 57.why am i always late?.i'll be no.1 soon.they say the 1st shall be the last and last the 1st.i receive it.
    ok,about the sista stuff.u r so lucky.u don't want to be in my shoes.me and my immediate,look like twins(to outsiders of course)so we have the same size of everything,up to bra size.she has so fapped my stuff and not sure of the real owner.infact it has become sooooooooooooooooooo bad ,pple now think she's older.imagine them addressing me as her younger sister,in her presence!.so ur veeeeery lucky.its one of those things.big sister,big love.

  55. younger sister's are.........

    my sister is just the same, she has a great career, makes very good money, yet, anytime she visits me - you will see her going through my things . She even brings a special bag to take my things with her. What is up with that?

    I have tried the "you are banned from touching"line but it isn't working.

  56. i'm with ablackjamesbond...update!!...do you want to kill me?...ah!!...

  57. @ Ms Sula - it is fun they younger sisters want our stuff, but at times it is annoying. I also have three sisters, luckily for me, the other two who are younger thanthe 14 yr old will deal with her stuff. amen.

    @ Zena - taller than u r? lol. really, im sure there r times my sis might have such thoughts of beating me whenever i yell at her.

    @ shalewa - u will be first soon. u said it girl, i am lucky.

    @ pamela - can u imagine? well,if i were u, i will visit her regularly and do same to her.

    @ guerreiranigeriana soon dear.

  58. thank goodness i dont have to go thru all that wahala. my father doesnt let us share clothes!

  59. speaking about ure sister, mine drives me up the wall, the little one has turn to aproko, the boy no go shut up...

    update girl

  60. heheheh I cannot help but laugh
    My sister does the same to me

    It drives me nuts at times
    but heyyyyyy
    can't do nothing about it

  61. zee, we neva beg u reach,
    update!! update!! update!!
    i'm tired of hearing sooooooooooon,

  62. madam? wat now?????
    hop u are aiight gal
    just checking u up

  63. Awww imitation is the best form of flattery. I do that to my older female friends because they treat me like a younger sister,and my aunties and cousins. Definitely normal :D

  64. @ teediva- u r lucky girl

    @ AkaniZZle- aproko worse o!

    @ Olamild- welcome to the club

    @ Nogo said- i wish i had someone to do it to

  65. omg!! 70 comments
    i even forgot what i came to say...
    "scratching head"...ill be back..

  66. Reminds me of I and my sister.Back then like you I'd get upset and scream and everything.For where, story, she kept on at it.Even now, when she gets the chance she does too.But I'm soo over it now, I let her wear my stuff provided she lets me wear hers.
    Hehehe and truth be told,I only go for the new ones that she hasn't worn so she's kinda having a rethink.My sister, my sister.They mess with you but u just love 'em to death.

  67. Whoa, I mean, somethin went wrong. I was gonna respond but you already got 72 comments? Something's goin on. Something has to be prevented. I know all about prevention. Has to do with changing the brains of all individuals in the entire world, instantly. It is much easier to change others' mind than to change my own. There. I have done it. Billions of people now think differently.

  68. @ uNWrItten* - lol

    @ Thoughts Aloud- u got it right. u just cant help but love them.

    @ New Fool - hmmm? ???????????????

  69. Look on the bright side - You're doing something right if she wants to wear your clothes. It means she admires you and wants to be like you. On the other hand, I feel you o. I have two younger sisters and if they did that, wahala go bust!