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My Sister And I

My fourteen year old sister is almost driving me bunkers. I have no idea if what is happening is normal among sisters, because I never had an elder sister.

At fourteen, she is almost as tall as I am, 5’7``, and my clothes; tops and jeans, would fit her, although not so perfectly.

It began when I left home. Whenever I went back for a visit, I noticed that my sister who is going to be taller than me no doubt, and soon would look down on my head while I’m talking to her, has taken over some of my clothes. And I am still alive, and my stuffs are being taken over. First, it used to be my precious books that she and my almost sixteen year old brother, would give out as gifts to whomever they discover reads books, because their big sister has lots of books. You can imagine me outdoors, noticing someone, walking around or sitting down with an ‘Uzezi’ (When ever I buy a new book, I design it with my name at a corner, and most times, seeing all those books bear my name, make me so happy like the most prolific mother in the whole world).

Someone I had never met had actually come over to make a proposition for one of my Steven Kings. I said I don’t sell books. He said he knows, that he is a collector of Steven King, and the one I have is the only one he doesn’t have, and was surprised when my brother told him I had the big King bible, and he has searched everywhere for it. Where did I get it? Really? I ended up borrowing him to read and threatened to have my kid brother’s head, if I don’t get the book back. It came back thankfully, with some obvious surgery having taken place, because while the book was with me, it had no reason to go into intensive care and come out with stitches of cello-tape. From their giving out of my books, they entered my CDs and DVDs, because they soon realized that when one book misses from my shelf, I notice, because I know how I arrange my stuffs. I had even locked two of them once, outside, till I get my missing books. I think I got some back.

Anyway, I digress. So she was looking chic in my clothes, and I screamed and all that; ‘you can’t take what does not belong to you! It’s stealing. If you try it again, bla, bla, bla.’

Another visit, I noticed the same thing. I never announce when I’m coming, so she never had the time to hide the clothes. I would scream, my mum would scream, but apparently, her ears have a life of their own, and she will do it again.

I buy her clothes, I even pass some of mine down to her that always make her the envy of her friends. At fourteen, I wasn’t into fashion and stuff, but this babe knows more than me. Even the handbags I gave her, I can swear she doesn’t have one of them left.

The last time this happened, I couldn’t scream. I started to think it is probably what younger sisters do with their big sisters’ stuffs, because I have reasons to believe she is experimenting with some makeup I left behind. All my threats of don’t make me so angry I will take a harsh decision towards you are very empty. I know that. What will I do? Not buy her stuff or pass some down to her? I know I will always do that, she is my sister. But she should have more respect for my stuffs now. Abi?

Talked with a friend and she can’t tell me what to do, cause she is an only daughter. Another friend says she and her sisters – they are all closer in age – wore each other’s stuffs all through their growing up days.
Now really, what do I do? Those of you female bloggers with younger sisters, or big sisters? Is this a normal thing among sisters?

I cannot put a restriction stopping her from entering the room, cause when its empty, it cries to be visited. I believe that even when I was putting a new lock on the door to save my last books, they might have been thinking I am only wasting my time.

I will start wearing all my clothes at once oh! Because once she takes over any, I can’t wear it anymore, before all those her friends that call me aunty will start smirking that I am wearing my younger sister’s clothes. Maybe I really should just thank my stars that we don’t wear same size of shoes. For now, she deals with mumsie’s own. I adore my heels, although I know she did something real terrible to one of my favs. I mean, who else would have done it? My mum won’t wear such heels, and my eleven year old sister who could have been a suspect, cause of the size she wears, is out of town.

Anyway, I just don’t know. I better don’t lose it.