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I've been gone a while. And I still will be gone some more. Too many things are begging for attention and I need to sit up because for a while, I have been too comfortable that I have almost forgotten the reason why I resigned from my former place of employment. But I will be back soon, and I will have loads of gist for you all.

I will do my best to visit blogs now and then. And I hope I don't miss all the fun. I know I will. With 14th and Serenity and all.

I will try to catch up, but right now, my work needs my undivided attention because its coming like a new born baby.

So, while I'm gone, I will appreciate every prayers for Uzezi to succeed at whatever it is that has taken her away from blogging for now. I promise to tell about the work soon, when things are in better perspective, and I ain't confused.

Meanwhile, I noticed two things weeks back. First, the blogger called Doll, has disappeared. Secondly, Pamela went private, and I can't view her blog anymore. Pamela, is it because I tagged you?

Be good all. I will be back soon.