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Thursday, May 01, 2008


I am so sad. So fucking sad! I don’t know why this has to happen. Liverpool had such bad luck last night that I couldn’t even eat. Okay, that’s an exaggeration. I ate my noodles, but I didn’t finish it because I’m heart broken.

And truth is that I am not even a fan. That’s right, I’m a Gunner for ever, but you see, this damn football club called Liverpool took my Arsenal out of the Champions League, and if they could do that then they should win the others.

I know I ought to have sided with Chelsea because of what Liverpool did to us during the quarter finals, but then, I don’t like Chelsea, I can’t like Chelsea. No they did nothing to me, but their fans are too damn proud. Their players, Drogba especially, thinks he’s all that, he is too damn proud. There is no room for the Blues in my heart.

Liverpool had bad luck right from the first leg, when Riise put them behind with an own goal. Then that penalty of yesterday was just so fucked.

Why did Liverpool have to break my heart this way? Couldn’t they take the lead from Tottenham? During the Carling Cup semi, Tottenham had the audacity to take out Arsenal with 4 fucking goals to one. That done, they knew they had responsibilities, which was to beat Chelsea during the finals.

You see, they didn’t fail me. They knew, that to take Arsenal out of a competition, then all eyes would be on them to win, and that was exactly what they did.

Fuck Liverpool. I am not a fan, but I wanted you to win and humble the Blues. You just weren’t Brave yesterday. No you were not.

I don’t even know why I have to love football. What sport apart from shopping are girls really crazy about? Somebody please help me discover it, because this football is becoming something else, and I don’t want to die young.

I remember once admiring Wigan and Reading. I better find out about them since we are all hustlers, and their failures wouldn’t break my heart.

Oh! Just damn it. All these players who won’t do what I want. I hope Man United trash the living hell out of Chelsea.

What do I even care anyway? All these players and fucking competitions are heart breakers. They are just like men.

PS: added on May 2nd. Yesterday I discovered I'd been tagged. Not funny. My head dey hot, so I dey do serious thinking before I do that post. God help me.


  1. Yeah, furrst! got some good news too(?) You've been tagged! See my latest post today.
    Hope a bit of looking 'sideways' at your quirks - will take your mind away from your broken heart if only for a while.

    xxx Naijalines

  2. My son plays Football (not soccer), basketball, baseball and hockey so I'm into them all. Football is by far my favorite!!

    Don't let your team's lose get you all bent up outta shape, there's always next season right?

  3. Hey,

    You like Half of a Yellow Sun? Good. I love the book. I can see you are really interested in football, not bad sha.

    Take care

  4. love how you equated it to men, in general.

    i remember the first time i saw a soccer game on TV. i knew then that it was a sport that was deep into the hearts of millions of people.

  5. I need to rediscover my love for football aka soccer. I'm so jealous of pple who get to watch the sport regularly.

  6. zee, i feel u on this one o, i really want united to beat chelsea black and blue, dem shakara too much jare,

    *how u?

  7. Eya pele.I love football but I'm not an ardent follower of the game. Oh Didier Drogba is damn too proud and boastful.

  8. Cool down madam...'you will never walk alone'...isnt that what the Liverpool motto says...plenti pple feel exactly the same way u r feeling right now but...

    ...dont worry, we shall thrash Chelsea for all u peeps [gunners and liverpool fans] come May 21.

  9. well...lol...i m waiting for juventus to get back in the league next seen...the old lady of turin rocks for me.. :)

  10. I had the opposite reaction to you. Liverpool kicked Arsenal out of the champions league against the odds therefore they had to be got. I used to despise Chelsea under Jose Morinho where they had the arrogant swagger. With their recent losses against tottenham etc al they have acheived a certain vulnerability that I find appealing.

  11. ...Their players, Drogba especially, thinks he’s all that, he is too damn proud....

    my friend hated the gunners becos of Henry, said the dude was too proud, that the way he celebrated his goals smacked of arrogance....

  12. Take it easy oh. All these cos of football. hmm this is serious oh.small small abeg.I wish i love football like this.

  13. football.what do i know about it?its spelt f-o-o-t-b-a-l-l.it has 2 teams of 11 players each and there's a team with one fine name.arsenal-gunners for life.God i'm so proud of my knowledge.
    how was ur weekend

  14. e don teyyyy ooooooooo babes......u've been tagged...i dey come now now

  15. sista!! long time no saw..u've been tagged..i dey come back now now

  16. aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh i no know sey dem don tag u already oooooooo(lol) anywaaaaaaaaaay football is a nice hobby i aint into it cos i dont understand but look at d bright side..u could marry a fellow gunner like ureself..u'd have so much fun and i hear man u is a hot team so lets keep our phalanges crossed

  17. For some reason...I just can't get into soccer. Thats just me. But I know alot of people who loooove some soccer. I can see the appeal, but its just not for me.

  18. am a TRUE BLUE! Yeah, Chelsea 4 life!!!!! Actually, all my men (both past & present) r Chelsea fans. Me, i couldn't care less. Not when there's a movie 2 watch or a book 2 read. Please, let dat 90 min end quickly enough so i can have my man's attention back where it should stay - on me!

  19. ...people watch football.
    i wonder why?
    isnt it more fun to,i dont know,copulate or something?

  20. Football.....wld dat b d game wit a bunch of guys running on a green field, making a truck load of money and dont know pple r killing dem selves screamin dia lungs out? hmm......dat wld b why i switch channels.

  21. Football, foolsball, goofball blah, blah - lol

    Nna pass me the noodles jare wetin concern ororo with bread :)

  22. Don't be talking trash about Chelsea now!

    I used to be a Gunner... but now my heart belongs to Chelsea.

    And Hell Yeah! We'll reduce Man U to powder! Ha!


  23. Mind ur tongue young woman. Blues inna d hse... chelsea will TRASH out man u.. just wait and see! Chelsea for life mehn.. hehe

  24. girlfriend chelsea is all that and drogba is all that, so was henry for u guys. remember that these guys thrive on self confidence so dont blame them for being arrogant. its what they do for a living