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As a kid, I knew how play. Run around everywhere playing playing playing. We had different songs we sing and play with. We had different games also. Last night, while lying down, I started reciting some of them, and thought they will make a lovely post.


If I say I kill my one star, you say you kill your two star, okay? Let’s start.
Me: I kill my one star
You: I kill my two star
Me: I kill my three star
You: I kill my four star
Me: I kill my five star
You: I kill my six star
Me: (screaming) haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! You killed your sister.

A song we play to with our hands

New money e don come
I buy garri for 10k
I give Mary to cook am
Mary cook am e no don
I beat Mary she no cry
I kill Mary she no die
Which kind Mary be dis o
Amina, amina toro
A lazy girl
Shina, agoro pepper
Ragarogo ragarogo
Abele sam

I’m sure it sounded something like that, even if I might have missed some spellings.