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Thursday, May 15, 2008


As a kid, I knew how play. Run around everywhere playing playing playing. We had different songs we sing and play with. We had different games also. Last night, while lying down, I started reciting some of them, and thought they will make a lovely post.


If I say I kill my one star, you say you kill your two star, okay? Let’s start.
Me: I kill my one star
You: I kill my two star
Me: I kill my three star
You: I kill my four star
Me: I kill my five star
You: I kill my six star
Me: (screaming) haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! You killed your sister.

A song we play to with our hands

New money e don come
I buy garri for 10k
I give Mary to cook am
Mary cook am e no don
I beat Mary she no cry
I kill Mary she no die
Which kind Mary be dis o
Amina, amina toro
A lazy girl
Shina, agoro pepper
Ragarogo ragarogo
Abele sam

I’m sure it sounded something like that, even if I might have missed some spellings.


  1. remember play songs similar to the first one, i played football all my childhood days, still got marks for them both from the field and from koboko, remember a hausa song we used to sing after winning a match

    Mun chi kun eigh
    Mun rama eigh
    Mun ba ku gongoni
    Mai kurikota

    Meaning we have won you, we have had our revenge now we have giving you a trophy filled with lice

  2. kai...I was first when I opened this page oh...

  3. crazy ass songs lmao..I was busy running around with the boys...

  4. zee, where u dey when pakos (abi u be butter?) dey identify for my blog. u neeed to see afro's skill, u for bow, lol!!!
    but i dont know the first game o, kill my sistah ke', tufiakwa, lol!!!

    *how u?*

  5. U r an 'Acholi' Proper. Glad to know that i am not the only acholi in blogville. Acholis Unite!

  6. lol, I think I vaguely remember the mary song. Ah! Memories.

  7. i definitely played dat star game, but i was caught more than i caught with dat 'u killed ur sister!' thing. anyway, i was a very shy child so most games i played 4rm a distance. or more n my imagination

  8. @ Sprezatura- i think i still have marks from rough play days too

    @ LG- i noticed u r first in lots of blogs today. u no quick come here. me? butter ke?

    @ Afrobabe- lol. i trust u

    @ ablackjamesbond- abeg what does 'Acholi' mean? let me know before we unite

    @ Abbie-aha. that mary song

    @ Free-flowing Florida- why u no fast now? did some play in my imagination too

    @ Carlang- ninth actually

  9. me me me, i got one

    kpa kpa ngolo
    kpa kpa ngolo
    ojume eehee
    ojume eehee
    onye amara suru ya ya ya suru ya
    onye amara suru ya ya ya suru ya

    something like that sha..lol

    Uzezi, i'm so sad. rem the dude i told u his name is Ekere too..i heard he died in a car accident on tues..i cried all night.

  10. Acholi? wharrahellizat?

    omo u's a razz kid joooh...

  11. reminds me of the fun of growing up

  12. OMG!!!! i so remember dem days.....Youth!!!!! where did it all go ..lol!!! Do u rmbr -
    My mother told me (clap, clap)
    Dat she would buy me (clap, clap)
    Aother dolly, If i was good! Good!!
    Oh little (bla bla)
    Come out and play with me (clap, clap)
    Under d (sth, sth)....
    Well heck u know d song cos i tink my memory has shut down. lol

  13. ooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmgggggggggg

    i remeber those games. chaiii

    i remember thiose two so clearly, but the 2nd i remeber it something like

    Amina, amina toro
    a lazy girl
    a foolish girl

    that just comes to mind

    there was this other one

    me: ebelebo
    me:your belle bust
    you;posa, it makes more sence when you say it

    there were loads,

    have you heard tumba tumba bascala, ewara e woo, alaba laba kai kai, tutoo fesa foo, who mess am, nah doctor dusai mess am poo....LMAO....

    love that one




    im excited now

  15. after i begged u to update i'm now 10th! mcheeeeeeeewww

    abeg o dont let my blog disappear, so go to pyzam.com for the new template.

    i remember the "new money" song well...lol. *long sigh* those were the fun days!

  16. This brought back memeories dear.
    I have one of mine too.
    "Who stole the meat from the cooking pot..
    the queen stole the meat from the cooking pot...
    Oh me...
    yes you...
    it couldnt be...
    Then who...
    Number 1 stole the meat from teh cooking pot..."

    then, Mr. macaroni...

  17. HHAAA

    you must have been really playful.

    i am more of a "ten-ten" child

    Nice Weekend

  18. @ soupasexy- i know that one too. Im so sorry. what happened to your friend?

    @ Charizard- correct razz kid

    @ Jinta- yes o

    @ NikkiSab- i so remember my mother told me. i still sing it till date.

    @ Fresh&Fab- damn. u got me laughing crazy. tumbu tumbu baskelebe

    @ Smaragd- and u are no 16. thanks for the information

    @ princesa- i remember that one too. Mr. Macaroni riding on the bicycle, if u wanna marry me, Mr. Maccaroni

    @darkelcee-HHAAA. hail the queen of play. ten ten, twenty, thirty. did we throw the same leg?

    God, i feel like playing ten ten now!

  19. Chei...all these una versions get as e be. Make i give una my own. I go start with uzezi.

    New money e don come
    I buy garri 10kobo
    I give Mary to cook am
    Mary cook am e no don
    I beat Mary she no cry
    I kill Mary she no die
    Which kind Mary be dis na?
    Amina, amina toro
    A lazy girl
    Eeeeeoh, Amina used to say..(not so sure here but it sounds like that)
    Ragarogo ragarogo
    Oh baby sam!

    Then fresh and fab:(na wah for u oh, how u take remember dis one self?)

    me: ebelebo burst!
    me:ebelebo burst!
    me:your belle bust!

    then the other one was:

    Tumbo tumbo, baskalaba, titialaba bush! alabalaba kai kai ti ti bos and bos!(this was used in place of "minny manny mo")

    anyway, my all time favourite was:

    (circle of girls all clapping then someone steps in the middle)

    My name, my name, my name, kpamirokodi...
    my name is waffy
    I come from delta

    (then u start doing the dance of your state)

    This one was famous...and parents used to be upset by it those days...it was after a certain hand game, then we will jump into it...

    Ojukwu wanted to seperate Nigeria
    Gowon said Nigeria must be one
    we are fighting together with gowon, to make Nigeria one,
    Nigeria ONE!

    This one, na my cousin from Onitsha teach us:

    once upon a time
    Chorus: time time!
    There was a girl girl!
    Chorus: girl girl!
    She chopi Co...
    chorus: cola!
    and she drinki Fa...
    chorus: fanta!
    cola rekpete, jankoliko likoko ja!
    cola rekpete, jankoliko likoko ja!

  20. hehehe..i remember 10-10..cant remember the song though..

    really liked "my mother told me"

  21. I remember it all. What beats me though is: after playing that sista game so many times, we should have wised up to skipping the six and going on to seven.

    I feel like playing ten-ten too - same leg or different leg?
    Ah...Home sweet home...

  22. @ Waffarian- this chick. u got me nodding at those o. na wa for u o.u play pass me. i love my name my name my name.
    it amazes me how these songs cross boudaries and children all over can relate wt them. How u dey?

    @ aloted- we plenty

    @ naijalines- another play plat girl

  23. ah...sweet childhood...although the games we played in the us were different (sad face)...no shakings o...my children will sing those your songs as they will be raised as proper naija kids;)...

  24. police and thief?


    Bread and butter?

  25. lol at waffarian...i remember that my name one, i didn’t used to participate sha but I remember

    You remember this one,

    There’s like a ring of people in a circle, and then we start singing

    If you are born in January, come out and dance, if you are born in January come out and dance

    Around around an apple tree god bless you

    Around around an apple three god bless you.
    Then you do till December.

    lmao, then there’s this other one

    Our grandmother bake a cake, we don’t know what we should do, our time now is six o’clock, we are ready to brush our teeth, we are ready to comb our hair, toothpaste toothpaste i wish, tooth paste toothpaste I wish
    Lol, then this one……lol ill stop

  26. Babe u just took me down memory lane.
    There was also
    1 u, 2 u, 3 u, 4 U; ah u said f**k you...

    How u dey?

  27. i remember some of this!

    how about:
    who is in the garden?
    a little fine girl!
    can i come i see her?
    no! no! no! follow me....

    caro caro mbom!
    caro caro mbom!
    caro caro caro caro caro caro mbom!....

    beautiful chilhood memories!
    thanks babe!

  28. omg!!!i remember that newmary e don come!!!SHIT!

  29. the comments have been a blast, freshandfab and waffarian lol

    i remeber those games, the good times

  30. LOL!!! Quite hilarious. I rememeber others like Where were you born? kitchen, toilet, hospital, church. LOL. Those were the days when we didn't need to worry, and food appeared on the table whenever it was time.

  31. i rem that i kill ur one star game. doesnt make sense now but then it was fun.

  32. @ guerreiranigeriana- dont worry. like u said, ur kids will sing them all.

    @ bumight- ha! bread and butter, i remember that one. cant remember the full song

    @ Fresh&Fab- u sure say u no participate? why did u reveal that if u r born in january song now? i am saving it for my birth month. oooooooooooooooo

    @ OluwaDee- lol @ 4 U
    I'm good. Thanks

    @ Sherri- I remember the garden song too.

    @ Pink-satin- Im so glad we were all play play children

    @ AkaniZZle- the comments are killing me wt laughter too. and the most surprising is waffarian.

    @ Tayo- the where were u born i remember is a song from a story of a child found in the toilet.
    Those were the days really. NO worrying at all.

    @ anonymous gal- sure was loads of fun

  33. Uzezi, wuz up

    Who wants to play ten ten again let's hook up.
    I was the queen of Ten-Ten (at least in my school)

    20, 20,20 , 20 o kere o below
    o kere o below

    There was the one Ana by night
    O baby see the money runaway to kpandipa e go do (been a lloooooonnnngggg tiiiiimmme)

    Forgotten most of them

  34. @ 30+- u were the queen! remember the open and close part of it? I promise myself, I am so playing 10-10 soon.

  35. lmao

    oh!gosh I played that thing tire, including ten-ten and tinko-, omo it brings back memories

  36. @ Zena- many memories we miss so dearly.

  37. Oh my gosh you just brought back memories! I use to play that I kill my one star one

    Different the same
    Different the same.....

    Thanks for the memories!!!

  38. lol! I have been singing old Nigerian songs that I used to sing and dance to as a child. To read that "new money" song was hilarious.

    Thanks for th memories!

  39. I can see your razzness sipping out..

  40. I say 1 Q, you say two Q, I say 3 Q, u say 4 Q......ahhh u are saying f*** ou to me...

    and theres..
    papan golo
    papan golo

    sometin sometin alond those lines sha

  41. Nice post!

    This was done while skipping, I think...
    Who will you marry?
    Rich man?
    Poor man?
    Beggar man?

  42. hmm.childhood memories.all the songs the plays,its like we all went to the same primary school.

  43. lol!!!!!!!! dont even get me started bout songs from childhood!!

  44. Hey uzezi. wots ap?You remind me of the submachine gun, uzi.I like it.

    The thing is,i have a lot of kids around me. Always have. so i hear them chant these meaningless para-phrases all the time.Reminds me of THEM days.used to be a verrry playful lad meself


  45. Aww,,,Uzezi bless your heart...you take me down memory lane.

  46. Lol,i remember that Mary song.Oh childhood memories...

  47. "my name, my name, my name
    my name is Smaragd
    i come from ekiti
    pamurogodi, godi godi godi godigogo

    i just thot to come back and give u that ...lol

    i do miss 10-10 and Suwe.

  48. iwould have been in the house wat0hing cartoons lol

  49. lolllllllllllll. brings back memories. waoh, so i sang those songs, waohhhhhh. I still love thinking 'bout those days. How'v u been ?

  50. good old days when we were kids n could do whatever we wanted :)...cute

    blog updated

  51. I remember Bread and Butter!!!

    How u dey, Uzy?

  52. zee, U dey so?
    hope all is well?

  53. jeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. where the hell have i been and how do i respond to all the accumulated comments?

    yes. we all remembered and love the memories. Solomonsydelle, please teach ur kids oh.

    Christ. i need to update. LG. Im good but my head just scatter.

  54. Lmao.. ive been singin these songz in my head since i read dis post..gud memories..

  55. hahaha wow i soooo remember them songs...u knw send me ur email..i ran into some songs from my childhod times...u knw like tht naija version of happy birthday..hmm i think i will even post them on my blog..haha..

  56. nice babes......niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiccccccccceeeeeeeee i love d 'my name my name' song(lmao)


    In April,

    Come he will,

    In May,

    Sing all day,

    In June,

    Change his tune,

    In July,

    Prepare to fly,

    In August,

    Go he must!
    ~by maple story accounts

  58. COLORS


    What is pink? A rose is pink

    By the fountain's brink.


    What is red? A poppy's red

    In its barley bed.


    What is blue? The sky is blue

    Where the clouds float thro'.


    What is white? A swan is white

    Sailing in the light.


    What is yellow? Pears are yellow,

    Rich and ripe and mellow.


    What is green? The grass is green,

    With small flowers between.


    What is violet? Clouds are violet

    In the summer twilight.


    What is orange? Why, an orange,

    Just an orange!

    ---------- by maple story account